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Afghan-American student scholarships

AACO Scholarships for Afghan-American Students in 2023-2024

Applications for the 2023–2024 academic year’s Afghan-American Community Organization Scholarship (AACO Scholarship) are now being accepted. Scholarships from AACO are available in three categories to qualified undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

The sixth annual Afghan American Community Organization Scholarship Program is now accepting applications from U.S. citizens, permanent residents with Green cards, and Afghan Americans. Students who are committed to helping the Afghan American community thrive as well as those working in local humanitarian organizations are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

AACO believes that creating a strong scholarship program is the best way to effectively assist, empower, and involve the next generation. By reducing the financial burden of study and allowing students to concentrate only on their academic goals, these scholarships are designed for their fellow Afghan-Americans.

For the current year, in addition to the AACO Scholarship Program, ACCO also provides the Sophia and Sabrina Scholarship and the Afghan-American STEM Scholarship. The community’s involvement in the Sophia and Sabrina Scholarships demonstrates their faith in the potential of children, the value of education, and the diaspora. With the help of this scholarship, Afghan women may find others who share their goals of giving back to the community.

The Afghan-American STEM Scholarship helps Afghan-American students who want to pursue higher education in STEM fields including science, technology, engineering, and math. The scholarship pays for school costs and aids the applicant in achieving their objectives of constructively contributing to and influencing the Afghan community.

Important Details

Application Deadline: 29 September 2023 (11:59 PM PT)

Result Notification: By August via email

Location: United States (U.S.)

Eligible Countries: America

Application Language: English

Application Fee: Yes

Organized and funded by: Afghan-American Community Organization (AACO)

Target Groups: Citizens of Afghanistan and the United States, Green Card holders, and former participants from Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

Benefits of the Scholarship

7 deserving undergraduate and graduate students received $20,000 in scholarships from the Afghan-American Community Organization (AACO) in 2022. AACO granted scholarships totaling $70,000 to 15 deserving students in 2021 and $68,000 to nine deserving students in 2020. Please keep up with any news regarding financing for the current fiscal year.

Scholarship requirements for Afghan-American Community Organizations

Candidates who apply for the AACO Scholarships should meet the following criteria:

Candidates must be U.S. citizens, nationals, and Green Card holders. Women seeking higher education are the preferred applicants for the Sophia and Sabrina Scholarship. Students must seek higher education in a STEM field to be eligible for the Afghan-American STEM Scholarship. An Afghan-American who was born in Afghanistan, or whose parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were Afghan-Americans.

Show proof of enrolment in a school or career institution for the 2023–2024 academic year. Undergraduate, graduate, and students from technical schools are given preference. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for application for this position. Students attending vocational school should submit a transcript or other documentation of enrolment. Demonstrate your need for money and explain how you can’t complete your degree without a scholarship.

To prove this evidence, applicants should provide the following:

Letter of grant for financial help from an institution Additional proof of financial need, including tax returns, tax statements, and FAFSA award letters should send a thorough CV or resume Write meaningful essays outlining your academic and professional aspirations, and show a remarkable dedication to uplifting the Afghan-American community.

Commit to serving as Scholarship Ambassadors for the Afghan-American student scholarships in 2024–2025 to raise awareness of the Program and aid in scholarship fundraising efforts during the course of the upcoming academic year.

Previous beneficiaries of AACO scholarships or Afghan-American student scholarships are NOT eligible.

How to Submit a Scholarship Application for the Afghan-American Community Organization?

The whole application process is done online. Please adhere to following guidelines for a successful application:

  • Scholarships: Eligible candidates may submit a single application, however they may apply for all three scholarships.
  • Financial Need Essay: For each of the three scholarships, candidates must submit an essay on their financial need.
  • Spelling: For communication purposes, applicants must make sure their name and email address are spelled correctly.
  • Please refrain from using ALL CAPS or lowercase when typing.
  • Application Saving: Applicants should establish an account and choose Save and Resume Later if they want to save some of their application before submitting it.
  • Finality of Submissions are complete and final. After submitting their application, applicants cannot change or resubmit it.
  • Alternative Applications for Limitations: If the applicant has any restrictions that prevent them from applying, they should get in touch with the team by emailing them before May 20, 2023.

Questions & Support regarding the Afghan-American student scholarships: Email us with any inquiries or for support.

There are no extensions to the final application submission date of Monday, September 29, 2023 (11:59 PM PT).  

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