Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube secret relationship exposed

Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube: The Untold Story of Their Relationship Revealed

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South African television viewers are well-acquainted with Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube, two prominent figures frequently seen in commercials for the insurance company Clientele. While their on-screen chemistry has often led to speculation about the nature of their relationship, recent revelations have finally shed light on their connection, affirming that it is both professional and deeply rooted in mutual respect.

The Faces of Clientele

Ayanda Ncwane, widow of the late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane, has become a familiar face in Clientele’s advertisements for life cover. Much like Desmond Dube and Lillian Dube before her, she has taken on the role of a Clientele ambassador, showcasing the benefits of the insurance company’s services. Desmond Dube, a veteran actor and comedian, has been the cornerstone of Clientele’s advertising campaigns for years, earning him a beloved place in the hearts of South Africans.

Professional Partnership with Personal Respect

Despite their frequent collaborations, Desmond Dube clarified the nature of his relationship with Ayanda Ncwane, emphasizing that it is primarily professional. “We work together at Clientele, but our relationship is closer to that of friends,” Desmond explained in a recent interview. “She’s like family now; I can’t shake her off.”

Secret Relationship Exposed?

Speculations about a deeper connection between the two were fueled by their seamless on-screen interactions and mutual appearances at various public events. However, both Ayanda and Desmond maintain that their relationship is strictly professional. They have become iconic representatives of Clientele, embodying the company’s values and mission.

Desmond Dube: A Stellar Career with Clientele

Desmond Dube’s journey with Clientele has significantly boosted his public profile. His engaging advertising style and unique rapport with audiences have made him a standout figure in South African advertising. This association has not only enhanced his visibility but also contributed to his financial success.

A Lucrative Role

As of 2022, Desmond Dube reportedly earns a monthly salary of approximately R120,000 from Clientele Limited Group. This substantial remuneration underscores his value to the company and reflects his status as one of the highest-paid brand ambassadors in South Africa. Alongside his salary, Dube enjoys comprehensive coverage for funeral and legal plans, further solidifying his ties with the insurance giant.

Ayanda Ncwane: From Personal Loss to Professional Triumph

Ayanda Ncwane’s role at Clientele has also been transformative. Following the tragic loss of her husband, Sfiso Ncwane, she channeled her energy into building a career that honors his legacy while establishing her own identity. Her work with Clientele has been a significant part of this journey, showcasing her resilience and adaptability.

The Public’s Fascination

Public curiosity about Ayanda and Desmond’s relationship often leads to amusing encounters. Desmond recounted an incident where airport staff were convinced that Lillian Dube, another Clientele ambassador, was his biological mother. “We’d be at the airport, and people would come up to us asking, ‘Is this your son?’ Lillian would jokingly respond, ‘I’m still waiting for paternity tests,’ leaving everyone puzzled,” Desmond shared.

Awards and Recognition

Desmond Dube’s career is decorated with numerous awards. He has been honored with the Avanti Award for Best Comedic Actor for his role in Joburg Blues and received nominations for his performances in various commercials and television series. His work in the SASOL ‘Amaglugglug’ commercial earned him accolades at the Loerie Awards, where he won for Best Supporting Actor and Promising Writer.


The professional relationship between Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube is a testament to their dedication and talent. Their roles at Clientele have not only elevated their careers but also endeared them to the public. While the nature of their connection has been a subject of speculation, it is clear that their bond is built on mutual respect and professional admiration.

As representatives of Clientele, both Ayanda and Desmond continue to inspire with their work, proving that professional partnerships can be as meaningful and impactful as familial ties. Their story is a compelling reminder of the power of collaboration and the enduring influence of strong professional relationships.

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