Hard Times Hit Ex-DiepCity Actor Obed Baloyi

Hard Times Hit Ex-DiepCity Actor Obed Baloyi

Obed Baloyi, a beloved South African actor known for his role in Mzansi Magic’s drama series DiepCity, has recently fallen on hard times following the show’s cancellation. The series, produced by Black Brain Pictures, first aired in April 2021 but was discontinued in March 2023.

Impact of DiepCity Cancellation

The end of DiepCity has been a significant blow for Baloyi. In a recent interview, he shared the struggles he’s faced since the show was canceled. “It’s bad, really bad, and I have all the time in the world now. I bump into people in the streets and they stop me to ask, ‘When are you coming back? We want you, we miss you’. I know people miss me and I also miss being on TV. Acting is my life and I wonder what more should I do to prove to the producers that people want me.”

Current Challenges and Community Support

Baloyi has had to resort to side projects to make ends meet, driven by his responsibilities as a father. He expressed his frustration and the sense of unfairness he feels, attributing some of his challenges to tribal biases. “Sometimes people tell me all this is happening because of the tribe I’m from. If I was Sotho, Zulu, or Afrikaner it would’ve been better. It hurts what’s happening to me, but those are people’s views.”

Despite these hardships, Baloyi has received support from industry colleagues like Mandla N and Martin Koboekae. “I thank Mandla N and Martin Koboekae for always checking up on me and answering my calls because others no longer answer my calls.”

Future Prospects and Motivations

After DiepCity ended, Mandla N reached out to Baloyi to involve him in a movie project, which has yet to be released. Baloyi remains hopeful and motivated by his fans, who are a significant source of inspiration for him. “My fans are my source of motivation. I’ve got fans everywhere in the country and I’m humble so fans get to interact with me. I want to go back to TV. I’m always hungry for performance.”


Obed Baloyi’s situation highlights the volatility of the acting profession and the impact of industry dynamics on individual lives. Despite his current struggles, Baloyi’s determination and the support from his fans and colleagues offer hope for his future in the entertainment industry.

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