2 years later. Bianca finally drops bombshell. Reveals secret reason why her husband Riky took his own life. See why

Bianca Naidoo recently shared insights into the mental health struggles faced by her late partner, Riky Rick. Riky Rick, whose real name is Rikhado Makhado, tragically took his own life on February 23, 2022, at the age of 34. In a recent interview on Metro FM, Bianca expressed her belief that external factors may have played a role in Riky’s decision.

Despite the unwavering support provided by Bianca and their family, Riky may have felt a sense of inadequacy and a desire to make a greater impact. Bianca attributed these struggles to various societal issues and challenges within the music industry.

Bianca finally opens up

Bianca also addressed Riky’s battle with addiction, acknowledging that he had experienced both periods of success and relapse. She emphasized that their family had always stood by him during these difficult moments, offering immense love and support even when he felt undeserving of it. Riky’s struggle with addiction added to his feelings of personal failure and may have compounded his emotional distress.

Bianca finally opens up
Bianca finally opens up

During the interview, Riky’s mother, Louisa Zondo, was also present and discussed her own journey of grieving and healing. She revealed that writing her book, titled “Dearest MaRiky — A Mother’s Journey through Grief, Trauma and Healing,” had been instrumental in her healing process.

The book consists of a series of letters addressed to her late son, allowing her to express her emotions and navigate her grief. Louisa highlighted the transformative power of love and support from family, friends, Riky’s fans, and the spiritual community, which provided her with much-needed solace.

Louisa further explained how engaging with memories of her son, despite initially causing intense longing and pain, ultimately became an essential part of her healing journey. Whether through photographs, his presence in various spaces, or his music and online presence, revisiting these

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