Makoma Mohale (Tlhogi from #etvScandal) reveals that she almost pulled out of #QueenModjadji😑😓See what they did to her

Makoma Mohale Almost Pulled Out of ‘Queen Modjadji’

Scandal! actress Makoma Mohale, known for her role as Tlhogi, reveals the challenges she faced and why she almost withdrew from Mzansi Magic’s Queen Modjadji.

Securing the Role:

  • Initial Audition: Makoma Mohale secured the leading role of Queen Modjadji by creating a monologue she found on YouTube and sending it in. Her audition was successful, and she was confirmed for the role.
  • Script Challenges: Initially, the scripts were not translated, so she relied on her father to translate them into simpler Khelobedu. However, the production later provided translations in a deeper version of Khelobedu, which added to her challenges.

Almost Withdrawing:

  • Pilot Shoot Day: Mohale admits that on the day of the pilot shoot, she considered pulling out due to the difficulty of the language. Despite her reservations, she found herself at the location, learning her lines.
  • Divine Guidance: She believes that divine intervention played a role in her decision to proceed, as she understood the language better during the audition and felt more confident.

Cultural and Personal Connection:

  • Lobedu Tribe: Mohale is part of the Lobedu tribe, with her father being Molobedu from Jokone. Although she grew up more on her mother’s side (Bapedi), she had to learn the language of her father’s side for the role.
  • Heritage and Ancestry: Her connection to her cultural heritage and ancestors gave her the strength and confidence to embrace the role.

Role in ‘Queen Modjadji’:

  • Historical Drama: TVSA confirms that Mohale will headline Mzansi Magic’s historical drama series as the Rain Queen Maselekwani, also known as Queen Modjadji. Her character is a young queen-in-waiting who brings about a golden age of peace and prosperity to the land.

Previous Roles:

  • Makoma Mohale is also known for her roles in 1Magic’s canned telenovela, The River, and SABC1’s soapie, Skeem Saam.

Makoma Mohale’s journey to playing Queen Modjadji is a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft. Despite the challenges, her determination to honor her cultural heritage and ancestors helped her succeed in securing the iconic role.

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