Cold-Blooded Killer: Who Was the Woman Thabo Bester Murdered?

Cold-Blooded Killer: Who Was the Woman Thabo Bester Murdered?

In a stunning courtroom outburst, Thabo Bester—infamously known as the “Facebook Rapist”—reignited painful memories for the family of his murdered girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu. Bester, the convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster, appeared in the Free State High Court on Wednesday, June 5, alongside his alleged partner, Nandipha Magudumana, and seven others. The group faces charges related to Bester’s 2022 prison escape, fraud, corruption, and the violation of multiple bodies.

During the proceedings, Bester launched into a tirade about fearing for his life and mental health, claiming his human rights were being violated and that he was being unfairly punished by high-ranking officials. “I am segregated from everyone for the past 15 months. I have not had access to or contact with any human, and I fear for my mental health. I’m kept in a hole all by myself… My life is in danger,” he declared. Bester even lamented his inability to wear his designer clothes, specifically mentioning Louis Vuitton.

Bester shifted the blame for his prison escape and boldly claimed there was “no evidence” he had committed any crimes. “It’s already been confirmed that I’ve escaped, but no one knows the facts. It’s already confirmed that Thabo Bester is a rapist and murderer, but there is no evidence,” he stated.

GBV Organizations Slam Thabo Bester’s Court Outburst

Responding to Bester’s claims, gender-based violence activists, Women For Change, along with many South Africans, were shocked by his audacious complaints. The organization shared on Instagram: “He raped multiple women, killed at least one woman, and escaped prison. And now he wants us to feel sorry for him. The audacity.”

Other social media users echoed these sentiments:

  • @ThabiSoul_Deep: “Someone tell Thabo Bester that he’s not a victim, please. This emotional blackmail when someone else’s child has died is not going to save him.”
  • @Ntokozo_Shandu: “Thabo Bester is no victim. He is soliciting public sympathy. He is very calculating and quite manipulative, that convicted rapist is unrepentant, don’t fall for his ‘charm’.”
  • @thabisomoyo__: “Thabo Bester acting like a victim? He wants to talk about rights and how he is treated? South African law is too soft on criminals.”

The Murder of Nomfundo Tyhulu

While Thabo Bester tries to shift attention to his personal grievances, many are reminded of the women he victimized. Before becoming the mastermind of multimillion-rand scams, Bester was the “Facebook Rapist,” notorious for stealing laptops and cellphones and sexually assaulting multiple women he met through the social media platform.

In January 2011, Bester met car saleswoman Nomfundo Tyhulu, who was also an aspiring model, after purchasing a brand new BMW 1 Series from her. At that time, Bester had just been released from jail for committing fraud. After exchanging details, Bester and Nomfundo began a long-distance relationship that lasted several months.

In September 2011, Bester invited Nomfundo to Cape Town under the pretense of a professional photoshoot. The couple stayed at the luxurious One & Only hotel and later at the Roman Retreat B&B. In the early hours of September 21, after a heated argument about their relationship, Bester brutally stabbed Nomfundo Tyhulu in the chest. He then tied her hands behind her back with a T-shirt and demanded the password to her laptop, which he subsequently stole along with her cellphone.

Leaving Nomfundo’s body at the B&B, Bester went on the run from the police. Using multiple aliases, cell phones, and Facebook accounts, he managed to evade capture for a time, even taunting authorities with a post that read, “Catch me if you can.”

A Calculated Plea

According to forensic psychologist Gerard Labuschagne, who interviewed Thabo Bester in 2011, pleading guilty to rape and murder was a calculated move. Labuschagne told eNCA: “The last thing any rape suspect wants is for the victim to step into a courtroom and tell her story about what happened. He has no control over that.” Pleading guilty allowed Bester to control the narrative and avoid the gory details that a full trial would reveal. Labuschagne added, “It’s a measure of controlling and conning, and not necessarily a sign of remorse.”

Bester received three life sentences for his crimes: two counts of rape, one count of murder, and armed robbery with aggravating circumstances.

As the trial continues, the public remains focused on the case, keenly aware of the pain and suffering Bester has caused. The ongoing court proceedings serve as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of his actions, especially on the family of Nomfundo Tyhulu.

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