Cassper Nyovest Marries Pulane Mojaki, SA Drags Wife for Being on Phone Amid Tswana Wedding Ceremony

Cassper Nyovest’s Journey to Matrimony: A Tale of Love and Tradition

The latest buzz in South Africa’s entertainment scene revolves around none other than the renowned rapper Cassper Nyovest, who seems to have taken the plunge into matrimony with his childhood best friend, Pulane Mojaki.

Hailing from Mahikeng, the duo’s journey from friends to spouses has captivated the nation’s attention, particularly after a recent video surfaced, showcasing their traditional wedding ceremony.

For those unfamiliar with Cassper Nyovest’s romantic life, the rapper was previously known for his relationship with Thobeka Majozi, with whom he shares a child. However, it appears that Nyovest has now cemented his commitment to Pulane Mojaki, making her his wife in a traditional Tswana wedding.

The news of their engagement initially sparked controversy and speculation among fans and the public alike. Nonetheless, the couple seems to have put all doubts to rest by solemnizing their union in a culturally rich ceremony, surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers.


The ceremony, filled with traditional Tswana customs and rituals, was a sight to behold, with the couple radiating joy as they exchanged vows and celebrated their love. However, amidst the festivities, one aspect of the celebration caught the attention of eagle-eyed observers – Pulane Mojaki’s apparent preoccupation with her phone.

As videos of the ceremony circulated online, some netizens couldn’t help but notice Pulane’s intermittent engagement with her phone, even during pivotal moments of the celebration. While some viewed this behavior as disrespectful, others offered alternative perspectives, suggesting that Pulane may have had urgent matters to attend to or crucial calls to answer.

Regardless of the differing opinions, one thing remains clear – Cassper Nyovest and Pulane Mojaki’s union marks a significant milestone in their lives, signaling their commitment to each other and their shared future.

And while the road to matrimony may have its ups and downs, the couple’s love and dedication to one another shine through, inspiring both admiration and discussion among fans and onlookers alike.

In the midst of the excitement surrounding their wedding, Cassper Nyovest’s recent foray into gospel music has also sparked conversations across Mzansi.

Embracing his newfound faith, the rapper’s collaboration with Nomfundo Moh on the song “Umusa” has garnered praise for its powerful message and soul-stirring delivery, further solidifying Nyovest’s place not only as a musical icon but also as a spiritual beacon for his fans.

As Cassper Nyovest and Pulane Mojaki embark on this new chapter of their lives together, their journey serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love, friendship, and cultural heritage. And while the spotlight may shine bright on their union, it is the strength of their bond that will ultimately carry them through the joys and challenges that lie ahead.

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