The Mommy Club Reality TV Star Nozipho Ntshangase Faces Turmoil as Husband Pursues Second Wife

The Mommy Club Reality TV Star Nozipho Ntshangase Faces Turmoil as Husband Pursues Second Wife

Nozipho Ntshangase, a prominent figure from the reality TV show “The Mommy Club,” finds herself at the center of a media storm. Her marriage to engineer Zola Ntshangase has become a hot topic among South Africans, especially following the leak of a video showcasing a family dispute.

The discord, involving Nozipho, Zola, their eight children, and their nanny, arose after revelations that Zola has initiated lobola negotiations for a second wife—a move Nozipho allegedly opposes.

Taking Wife Number Two

Zola Ntshangase has not denied the allegations of polygamy. In fact, he has confirmed that he is in the process of paying lobola for a second wife. “I wish to confirm the rumors circulating on social media as true,” Zola stated. “The Ntshangase family, in accordance with our tradition and culture, has initiated lobola negotiations with the Mzizi family, and the process is still ongoing and heading towards finality.”

Zola addressed the backlash on social media, particularly the disparaging remarks directed at his soon-to-be wife, Ms. Misokuhle. “The disparaging remarks leveled at Ms. Misokuhle are tantamount to unfair treatment characterized by abuse and stigmatization,” he said.

“Such acts lead to Gender-Based Violence, which unfortunately is directed towards women within the context of South African society.” He urged social media users to stop the bullying and assured that he continues to support his first wife’s endeavors.

Going Ahead as Planned

Despite the public backlash and Nozipho’s objections, Zola remains steadfast in his decision to take a second wife. An insider close to Nozipho revealed to ZiMoja that Zola is determined to proceed. “He is going ahead as planned,” the insider said. “He is at the finish line, despite Nozipho having consulted with both families and proven that she has raised eight children on her own and does not need assistance. But Zola is being stubborn.”

The source also mentioned that the new bride, Ms. Misokuhle, remains undeterred. “She has tried to meet Nozipho for mediation, but Nozipho has refused and does not want her near her.”

‘The Plan Has Changed’

Nozipho is still grappling with her emotions amidst this upheaval. “Thank you to everyone for reaching out. There is still a lot that I am dealing with,” she shared. She plans to stay low for now but assures that she will be back. “I appreciate everyone for sending love and prayers to my kids and my family. I am alive, my kids are okay. It has not been easy.”

Before this controversy erupted, Nozipho and Zola had recently purchased a new home and were working on it, aiming to complete the project by Christmas 2024. However, with the current developments, Nozipho notes that “the plan has changed,” as she continues to navigate through these challenging times.

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