Desmond Dube and Lilian Dube’s secret relationship finally exposed

For years, South Africans have speculated about the true nature of the relationship between popular Clientele co-presenters and performers, Lillian Dube and Desmond Dube. Sharing the same last name and bearing a striking resemblance, many have wondered if they were indeed mother and son. However, in a recent interview, Desmond Dube put the rumors to rest, revealing that while Lillian Dube is like family to him, she is not his biological mother.

The Interview Revelation

During a heartfelt conversation with Bridget Masinga on Kaya FM, comedian and actor Desmond Dube shared insights into his deep connection with Lillian Dube. He recounted a memorable moment from his wedding sixteen years ago, which highlighted their close bond.

“It was very interesting when I got married sixteen years ago,” Desmond began. “The MC called my mother to come up on stage, and she stood up, then looked at Mam’ Lillian, grabbed her hand, and both of them came to do the motherly speech together. But yes, she’s family now, I can’t shake her off.”

A Mentor and More

Desmond elaborated on his relationship with the former Soul City actress, describing her as a mentor who played a pivotal role in his career. He first met Mam’ Lillian Dube when she owned a talent agency managing several artists in the township.

“She’s been in my life even before I started in this industry,” Desmond explained. “She kind of introduced me to the industry.”

Public Perception and Amusing Encounters

The pair’s public appearances often lead to amusing encounters with fans who are curious about their familial ties. According to News365, Desmond and Lillian are frequently approached by people, particularly at airports, who are eager to know if they are related.

“We’d be at the airport, for example,” Desmond recalled, “and then we’d have a group of people who work at the airport coming to us to say, ‘tell us the truth, is this your son?’ And she would say, ‘Errm, no I’m still waiting for paternity tests.’ And people would be perplexed by her response and insist that I am her son.”

Despite not being related by blood, Lillian Dube’s significant influence and support have made her an integral part of Desmond’s life, both personally and professionally.

A Clarification That Ends Speculation

Desmond’s candid revelations have finally addressed the long-standing questions surrounding his relationship with Lillian Dube. While they share a close and familial bond, their connection is one of mutual respect and professional mentorship rather than biological kinship.

The Legacy of Lillian and Desmond Dube

Both Lillian and Desmond Dube have made substantial contributions to the South African entertainment industry. Lillian Dube is celebrated for her extensive work in television and theater, notably in Soul City and other productions. Desmond Dube has carved out his own niche as a comedian and actor, gaining popularity through his roles in various TV shows and commercials.

Their collaborative work, especially with Clientele, has endeared them to audiences across the nation, further cementing their status as beloved public figures. The unique dynamic they share continues to captivate fans, who appreciate the genuine camaraderie and affection evident in their interactions.


Desmond Dube’s recent interview offers a touching glimpse into the close, non-biological familial relationship he shares with Lillian Dube. Their story underscores the profound impact that mentorship and friendship can have, transcending traditional definitions of family. As South Africa mourns the loss of its culinary icon, Chef Thembekile Charlotte Letlape, and celebrates the legacies of its entertainment stalwarts like Lillian and Desmond Dube, it is clear that the bonds we form in our professional lives can often become as meaningful as those we share with our blood relatives.

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