😭Sad story: 8 year old boy shot by his own biological father. See what really happened here

8-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot While Protecting His Mother

Burnsville, Minnesota – An 8-year-old boy, Amir Harden, tragically died on Sunday after heroically shielding his mother from a shooting allegedly perpetrated by his father, Danair Harden. The incident occurred on June 5, and Amir succumbed to his injuries days later at a local hospital in Hennepin County.

Danair Harden, 30, had been in Dakota County District Court earlier on the day of the shooting facing domestic violence charges. According to reports from the Star Tribune, Harden had previously choked Cherish Edwards, Amir’s mother, in their home. Edwards had expressed concerns to the police about Harden’s potential for further violence, citing a history of domestic disputes and Harden’s possession of a gun permit.

Incident Details

The Burnsville Police Department responded to the shooting around 11:48 p.m. on June 5. They found Amir and an adult in critical condition. According to a press release, Harden shot himself in the head immediately after shooting his son. Authorities believe a family situation led up to the incident, with other people present in the home at the time.

In a detailed account on a GoFundMe page, Edwards explained that she was Harden’s intended target. Amir, in a brave attempt to protect his mother, tried to wrestle the gun away from his father and was shot in the process. Edwards recalled Amir’s words during the tragic event: “Mommy, I’m not leaving you here.”

Aftermath and Community Impact

Amir’s four siblings were home at the time of the shooting and witnessed the harrowing event. Edwards, stricken with grief and guilt, shared her sorrow in an interview with KSTP. “That bullet was for me and not my child,” she lamented.

Logan Schultz, the principal of Echo Park Elementary School where Amir was a student, described Amir as having an “infectious smile and kind heart.” Schultz extended heartfelt condolences to Amir’s family and the school community, highlighting the deep impact of the loss.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Edwards also used the opportunity to address other mothers experiencing domestic violence. She urged them not to overlook the danger signs or feel trapped, emphasizing the importance of seeking help. Her message underscores the grim reality highlighted by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: one in three women experience physical violence by an intimate partner, and the presence of a gun in such situations increases the risk of homicide by 500%.

Ongoing Investigation

As of the latest updates, no arrests have been made due to the suspect, Danair Harden, being in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The community and authorities continue to grapple with the tragedy, hoping to bring awareness to the severe implications of domestic violence and the need for preventive measures.

The Burnsville community mourns the loss of young Amir Harden, whose brave actions in his final moments will not be forgotten.

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