Durban metro cop arrested for stabbing girlfriend and filming her dying moments. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

Durban Community Stunned as Metro Cop Arrested in Tragic Incident

In a shocking turn of events, the Durban community was left reeling as news surfaced of a 27-year-old Durban Metro Police officer allegedly involved in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, who was also a member of law enforcement.

The incident occurred within the confines of a flat nestled on Joseph Nduli Street in Durban, unfolding tragically on a Sunday.

According to statements provided by Police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda, the suspect purportedly not only carried out the heinous act but also recorded the harrowing moments of his girlfriend’s passing. These disturbing recordings were then disseminated to multiple individuals and even posted on various social media platforms.

Reports suggest that the couple had been partaking in alcohol consumption prior to the unfortunate event. It is alleged that during the early hours of that fateful Sunday, the man, consumed by a cocktail of alcohol and emotions, fatally stabbed the woman.

Family members of the suspect played a pivotal role in bringing him to the attention of law enforcement. The swift action of these individuals led to the apprehension of the suspect by the authorities.

Colonel Boysie Zungu, the spokesperson for the Durban metro police, confirmed the tragic incident, further adding to the somber atmosphere enveloping the community.

While it is speculated that the abuse of alcohol and other substances may have played a role in influencing the suspect’s actions, authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of understanding the underlying factors that led to such a grave outcome.

As the community grapples with the shock of this tragedy, the suspect is slated to make an appearance in court on Tuesday. It is a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the pressing need for vigilance in addressing issues of substance abuse and domestic violence within our society.


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