💔It ends in tears for DJ Tira’s 19-year old Polygamous son Samkelo Shezi who was inspired by Mpume Mseleku to marry many girls after one of the young girl kiIIed herself bcoz of what he did.

A Heartbreaking Turn of Events for Samkelo Shezi as One Girlfriend’s Despair Ends in Tragedy

In the world of dating, few could juggle multiple relationships quite like 20-year-old Samkelo Shezi. However, his penchant for having two girlfriends and being influenced by the polygamous lifestyle of Mpumelelo Mseleku has taken a heartbreaking turn.

A week of tears and emotional turmoil have unfolded on Samkelo Shezi’s Facebook profile, where he sought solace from his massive online following. The young man, who also humorously identifies himself as DJ Tira’s son, had recently parted ways with one of his girlfriends, and this decision would have devastating consequences.

Warnings from concerned friends and acquaintances had surrounded Samkelo’s tumultuous love life, cautioning him that his actions could push one of his partners to the brink. Sadly, those fears came to fruition just hours ago as one of his ex-girlfriends took her own life.

What made the situation even more heart-wrenching was Samkelo’s habit of posting pictures of her on Facebook, meticulously concealing her face, but exposing the pain she felt. The world watched in horror as a life took a tragic turn.

It’s essential to note that Samkelo Shezi’s claim to be DJ Tira’s son is purely for entertainment, and he is not related to the famous DJ. In reality, DJ Tira is more concerned about his son, Junior Khathi, aka Tank the Rockstar, who’s following in his musical footsteps.

Despite his son’s musical aspirations and live performances, DJ Tira remains apprehensive, emphasizing the importance of education and life experience before diving headfirst into the unforgiving music industry. As a loving father, he knows the pitfalls of the music world and wishes to shield his children from its harsh realities.

In a bittersweet twist of fate, Samkelo Shezi’s romantic pursuits have led to heartbreak and tragedy, serving as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of our actions.

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