Hlomla Dandala Allegedly Leaving e.tv’s ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

Hlomla Dandala Allegedly Leaving e.tv’s ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

News Hub Creator, Jun 5, 2024, 7:55 PM

South African well-known actor Hlomla Dandala has decided to depart from the popular television program Smoke and Mirrors due to frustration over negative feedback from viewers. Hlomla, celebrated for his skill and versatility, is stepping away from the show following criticism of his portrayal of his current character, which some fans felt was too delicate.

After the departure of Zolisa Xaluva, a well-liked actor known for his powerful and intense portrayals, Hlomla took on a demanding role. The constant comparisons between Hlomla and his predecessor have left numerous admirers displeased, with many expressing their desire for Zolisa’s return. The strain of these ongoing comparisons has led Hlomla to make the difficult decision to leave the show.

In a statement, the 49-year-old Eastern Cape-born actor voiced his displeasure at being constantly compared to his predecessor. He stated, “It doesn’t sit well with me to be compared with someone else,” adding that although he admires Zolisa’s work, he feels compelled to leave a part that hasn’t allowed him to fully express his abilities as an actor.

Despite the negative backlash, Hlomla remains a talented and respected figure in the South African entertainment industry. His extensive portfolio includes multiple noteworthy roles in which he has demonstrated his versatility and depth as an actor. This latest incident serves as a reminder of the challenges performers face when stepping into beloved roles, especially in long-running programs with devoted audiences.

Hlomla’s exit from Smoke and Mirrors underscores the significant influence that public opinion can have on an actor’s career decisions. As he leaves this role, fans and colleagues in the industry will undoubtedly watch his next moves with keen interest. Hlomla’s perseverance and commitment to his craft ensure that he will continue to be a significant presence in South African television and cinema.

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