Apparently Moshe’s surrogate wants her babies back

Moshe Ndiki’s Surrogate Reportedly Wants Her Babies Back

Moshe Ndiki’s surrogate is reportedly requesting to have her babies back.

The South African presenter announced that he was having a set of twins through surrogacy, and the babies arrived last year. Since their arrival, Moshe has made an effort to share less content about the little boys on social media, keeping their lives more private.

Infamous social media user Chris Excel revealed that a publication named South African News reported the surrogate mother wants Moshe to return her babies. Although the report lacks detailed information, Chris’s post has sparked reactions from many X users.

One user wrote, “Moshe must pull out the contract they signed,” suggesting that the legal agreement between Moshe and the surrogate should be honored. Another commented, “Those kids gonna be so confused,” expressing concern about the potential impact on the children.

In the midst of this controversy, Moshe Ndiki recently returned from a vacation with his friend Somizi Mhlongo. The two appeared to have had one of the best times of their lives, based on the videos and content shared on social media. The cheerful posts depict Moshe as having zero problems and worries, seemingly unfazed by the unfolding drama regarding his surrogate and her request.

As this situation develops, it remains to be seen how Moshe Ndiki will handle the surrogate’s reported demands and what the legal implications might be for both parties involved.

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