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Sophie Ndaba Opens Up About Her Battle with Depression and Weight Loss

Celebrated actress Sophie Ndaba, famously known as Queen Moroka from Generations, is sharing a remarkable journey of triumph over her struggles with mental well-being. In recent years, the 49-year-old star faced a tough battle with depression after enduring significant weight loss due to a diabetes diagnosis.

Now, with newfound strength, Ndaba is joining the conversation as a guest panelist on the second season of Mzansi Magic’s captivating series, Black Conversations. This four-part series delves into important topics concerning the black community, including spirituality, pride, mental health, love, storytelling, and success.

Ndaba expressed, “I often wondered about the spirit of Ubuntu. It’s not always easy for others to understand the challenges you face or the battles you’re fighting. But having the support of people in your corner means the world.”

Reflecting on her past, she shared, “I went through so much in these past years. I weighed 85kg and lost almost half of that. During that time, all I really needed to hear, especially from those closest to me, was ‘You’re going to be okay’. Some cheered me on, but disappointingly, those I expected more from said hurtful things.”

This is why Ndaba is excited to speak on the topic of mental health. She has learned to navigate people’s opinions about her and not let them define her worth. “I was told I wouldn’t find love because of how I looked. I’m excited to share how I chose to stop letting anyone’s opinion affect me.”

Joining her on this season’s panel are well-known figures like Sello Maake ka Ncube, Zola, Rorisang Thandekiso, Bishop Joshua Maponga, Jackie Phamotse, and the dynamic duo Tbose and Mapaseka Mokwele.

“I’m proudly black. I couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of a cast discussing topics about our black culture and our true essence. These conversations are essential because we often get caught up in other things and forget who we are,” Ndaba shared. She emphasized the importance of parents reminding their children of their history and identity to help them make wise life choices and cultivate strong minds.

Ndaba also highlighted the influence of international trends on Generation Z through social media, urging them not to forget their African heritage.

She recounted her journey, from becoming a young mother in her teens to her rise in the entertainment industry. Ndaba couldn’t attend university due to financial constraints, leading her to explore modeling. However, she found her true passion by training as a casting director’s apprentice, leading her to television roles.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, she faced language barriers upon returning to South Africa. An audition with a white director eventually landed her the iconic role of Queen Moroka.

Sophie Ndaba’s story is one of resilience, growth, and embracing one’s identity against all odds. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, reminding us that we can overcome challenges and define our own paths, regardless of the obstacles we face.

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