“6th wife coming soon”__Polygamist and businessman Musa Mseleku introduces his 5th wife

Polygamist and businessman Musa Mseleku had never shied away from expressing his intention to take a fifth wife, even though three of his four wives were not in full agreement with him.

Since gracing our television screens seven years ago, Musa had made a huge mark in the broadcasting industry, bagging reality shows not only for his family at large but also creating and producing a show for his wives and one for his kids.

Over four years ago, the father of 10 had introduced the idea of a fifth wife to the public on their reality show Uthando Nesithembu, which was currently in its seventh season.

The news had not been well received by his first wife, MaCele, his second wife, MaYeni, and his fourth wife, MaNgwabe, who had all shared that there was no reason to add someone as Musa was struggling to manage the four wives he already had.

Musa’s intention for a fifth wife had also been fueled by his desire for a large family, 20 kids to be exact. He had expressed that with the four wives he had, he should have reached that number and more.

In the fifth season, his second wife MaYeni and his fourth, MaNgwabe, had shared that if he was to bring in wife number five, they would leave. In isiZulu, Musa had responded by saying: “A bahambe abahambayo siyosala siyincenga” (the ones who want to leave can leave; we will keep pushing it).

A few days ago, the grandfather of four had shared a cozy picture with an unknown woman, holding her tight by the waist while looking into each other’s eyes. Unclear whether this was an April fool’s joke or his way of introducing the potential fifth wife, Musa had recited the same praise he used when he expressed his intention to proceed with the fifth wife’s plans regardless of his wives’ objections. He had captioned his post: “A bahambe abahambayo siyosala siyincenga,” (the ones who want to leave must leave, we will keep pushing it).

Recently, Mzansi Magic had given hints about the fifth wife, announcing that viewers should tune in to Mzansi Magic to witness Musa Mseleku introduce his new wife.

When it came to matters of the heart, Mseleku really didn’t say tomorrow. It was either fifth time is a charm, or more meets the eye.

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