Oscar Pistorius sold the house where he kiIIed his girlfriend. You will be shocked to see who he sold it to here👉🏽

Oscar Pistorius Sells House Where He Killed Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius has successfully sold the house where the tragic incident involving the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, took place. The four-bedroom luxury home, located in the Silver Woods Estate, was sold for 4.5 million Rand ($420,000), a significant reduction from the original asking price.

The house was sold to Julius Malema’s cousin, Marry Malema.

Background and Sale Details

Pistorius had previously attempted to sell the house in 2011 but withdrew it from the market due to a lack of buyers. At that time, the asking price was 6.5 million Rand, while Pistorius had testified during his bail hearing that the house was worth 5 million Rand.

Earlier this year, Pistorius’ legal team announced his intention to sell the house to cover the mounting legal fees associated with his murder trial.

The property has now been purchased by a mining consultant named Louwtjie Lourens. He expressed his plans to live in the house with his family upon retirement, but until then, it is expected that the property will be rented out.

Lourens stated, “It is in a safe area, and everyone I dealt with was very professional,” in an interview with The Times newspaper in South Africa.

The house gained notoriety as the site of the tragic incident on Valentine’s Day last year, which led to Oscar Pistorius’ ongoing murder trial.

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