Finally the truth is out. See shocking reason why Mbali Ngiba was fired with immediate effect from her Umkhokha role.

Mbali Ngiba’s Departure from Umkhokha: The Fallout from a Viral Hotel Incident

Mbali Ngiba, known for her role as Zodwa in the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela Umkhokha: The Curse, has bid farewell to the show following a tumultuous period marked by a viral outburst at Sandton Skye Hotel in Johannesburg earlier this year.

Reports indicate that Ngiba’s character met a tragic end in episode 12 of the second season, airing on Tuesday, as Zodwa reportedly took her own life.

Ngiba confirmed her exit from the series in an interview with ZiMoja, expressing gratitude to her supporters and colleagues. However, behind the scenes, sources suggest that her departure was not solely due to creative decisions.

According to insiders, the writers felt that Ngiba’s character had reached a creative impasse, leading to the decision to write her off the show. This sentiment was echoed by one source who stated, “When writers struggle to grow a character, the next thing they do is write them off, or kill them if they permanently want them gone.”

However, it was Ngiba’s highly publicized altercation at Sandton Skye Hotel that reportedly sealed her fate. In a video that circulated widely on social media platforms, Ngiba was seen engaging in a heated confrontation with a hotel security guard, verbally berating him and causing a scene.

The incident tarnished Ngiba’s reputation, particularly with Gatsheni, presumably Duma Ndlovu, the show’s creator, who values respect. According to sources, this incident played a significant role in the decision to terminate Ngiba’s contract.

Ngiba later issued a public apology on her Instagram account, attributing her behavior to alcohol and expressing remorse for her actions. She recounted the events leading up to the altercation, citing a misunderstanding with the security guard regarding the need for a code to exit the hotel.

Despite her apology, Ngiba acknowledged the disappointment felt by her fans and emphasized that her actions were out of character. However, the damage was done, and her departure from Umkhokha marks the end of her journey with the show.

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