Sfiso Ncwane’s mother says she is disappointed by her daughter in law Ayanda Ncwane because of what Ayanda did at Sfiso’s grave. See what she did here

Sfiso Ncwane’s Mother Expresses Disappointment in Daughter-in-Law Ayanda Ncwane

Mrs. Fikile Ncwane, the mother of the late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane, voiced her dismay at her son’s wife, Ayanda Ncwane, for what she described as a disrespectful act. According to Mrs. Ncwane, Ayanda unveiled a memorial stone for Sfiso without informing the family or adhering to traditional protocols.

Speaking from Umthwalume, Mrs. Ncwane expressed her frustration, stating that they will undertake the task of revealing her son’s stone once they have gathered the necessary funds. She lamented the lack of communication regarding Sfiso’s memorial event, which took place in Westville, Durban, organized solely by Ayanda.

“We were completely blindsided by Ayanda’s actions. There was no consultation with the family, no adherence to our customs. It felt as though she treated it like any other casual event, devoid of the reverence it deserved,” Mrs. Ncwane remarked with palpable anger.

Ayanda hosted a memorial service for Sfiso, attended by gospel singers and celebrities, where attendees wore white attire as a mark of respect. However, Mrs. Ncwane noted the absence of Sfiso’s immediate family, including his daughter Nothile and other siblings, from the ceremony. Instead, Ayanda was seen posing for photos with her sons, Mawenza and Ngcweti, seated beside Sfiso’s memorial stone.

While acknowledging the strained relationship between herself and Ayanda, Mrs. Ncwane explained that a court order prevented them from communicating. This estrangement stemmed from disputes over the handling of Sfiso’s affairs, including disagreements over the identification of his body and access to his children.

Expressing her longing to see her grandchildren, whom she only glimpses on television, Mrs. Ncwane emphasized her willingness to welcome them into her home. She disclosed plans by her own daughter to erect a memorial for Sfiso, emphasizing the delay in Ayanda’s efforts as indicative of financial constraints.

In addition to her grievances against Ayanda, Mrs. Ncwane revealed her own health struggles, citing a debilitating foot injury that has left her unable to walk.

Efforts to reach Ayanda for comment were unsuccessful, as calls and messages went unanswered, leaving questions unanswered about her perspective on the matter.

As the saga continues, the discord between the Ncwane family and Ayanda underscores the complexities surrounding grief, family dynamics, and the legacy of a beloved figure like Sfiso Ncwane.

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