South African Slay Queen Mawhoo Ieaks Lil Wayne’s messages. See why Lil Wayne was asking for here

Mawhoo Presents Chat Evidence with Lil Wayne Amid Controversy

In the wake of her bold claim that she’s been in contact with international rap icons Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Jay Z, Mawhoo has taken to social media to share evidence of her conversation with Lil Wayne, hours after dropping the bombshell revelation on L-Tido’s podcast.

The revelation sent shockwaves through Mzansi, with netizens divided over whether to believe her assertions. Some labeled her a liar, while others remained skeptical despite her claims.

In an attempt to quell the doubts and silence her critics, Mawhoo shared a screenshot of her chat with Lil Wayne, providing what she deemed to be concrete proof of their communication. The screenshot depicted a seemingly close relationship between the South African artist and the American rapper.

“Y’all think I’m lying,” she captioned the screenshot, accompanying her plea with the purported evidence of her connection with Lil Wayne.

Despite Mawhoo’s efforts to substantiate her claims with tangible evidence, South Africans remained divided in their opinions. While some were swayed by the screenshot, many still harbored doubts, speculating that the conversation could have been fabricated to bolster her credibility.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Mawhoo’s assertion of her interactions with international rap royalty remains a topic of heated debate, with the authenticity of her claims still under scrutiny within the South African community.

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