38-year-old-child Teddy from Gomora & Ntando Duma are dating? See what they were spotted doing

“Ntando Duma Is That You? Gomora Actor Sicelo ‘Teddy’ Buthelezi Sparks Romance Rumors on Getaway”

South Africa — Sicelo Buthelezi, the beloved actor known for his role as Teddy on the popular TV show Gomora, has once again ignited social media buzz. This time, it’s due to a romantic getaway with a mysterious girlfriend, leading fans to speculate if the woman in question is actress Ntando Duma.

Sicelo, who is also a singer, shared snippets of his vacation on Instagram, posting pictures and videos that captured moments from the trip. His followers were quick to notice the presence of a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Ntando Duma, sparking widespread speculation.

Romantic Getaway Fuels Dating Rumors

The video clips, which Sicelo posted under his Instagram handle @seekay_sa, showed the couple enjoying their baecation. Fans flocked to the comment section, with many initially mistaking his girlfriend for Ntando Duma.

“This looks like Ntando Duma! Is it her?” one follower commented, while another wrote, “I thought it was Ntando at first glance.”

Past Rumors and Denials

This isn’t the first time Sicelo and Ntando have been at the center of dating rumors. Back in 2020, the rumors began when Ntando posted a picture of herself hugging a man, whom many believed to be Sicelo. The speculations were further fueled by a subsequent post of the two together, accompanied by a heart emoji.

However, both Sicelo and Ntando have consistently denied any romantic involvement. In a previous interview with Zalebs, Sicelo dismissed the rumors, stating, “They can eat their heart out shame, I am unavailable.”

Ntando also addressed the rumors during an Instagram Q&A session, responding to a fan’s inquiry about her relationship with Sicelo with a meme from comedian Bobo Mbele, saying, “uyahlanya,” which translates to “you are crazy.”

Social Media Reactions

Despite their denials, the recent vacation footage has reignited the dating rumors, leaving fans curious and excited. “Is Ntando Duma finally confirming her relationship with Sicelo?” a fan tweeted, while another speculated, “They’ve got to be the cutest couple if it’s true!”


As Sicelo Buthelezi and his mysterious girlfriend continue to enjoy their romantic getaway, fans remain eager to uncover the true identity of his companion. Whether or not Ntando Duma is indeed the woman in the videos, the buzz surrounding Sicelo’s love life shows no signs of dying down.

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