Screwdriver from Uzalo and Babu Gumede from Durban Gen respond to the news; they are father and son.

Simosibucayi Buthelezi and Sifiso Sibiya Respond to Relationship Speculations

Fans have been buzzing with questions about whether actors Simosibucayi Buthelezi and Sifiso Sibiya are father and son, given their striking resemblance. However, both actors have clarified that despite their similarities, they are not related.

Simosibucayi, known for his role as Screwdriver on Uzalo, and Sifiso, who portrays Babu Gumede on Durban Gen, were initially surprised by the speculation. The actors revealed that they were unaware of their resemblance until fans began pointing it out.

Simosibucayi shared his reaction to the queries: “I’ve been getting questions about whether Sifiso is my father. When I first heard it, I laughed, thinking the fan was joking. But then more fans started asking the same question. Sifiso and I hang out together often. We are friends, but we are not related.”

He added, “Some think I deny my father, but I don’t. We might look alike, but I am not his son. We are humans after all, and we are God’s creations, so we must not be surprised if we look alike.”

Sifiso echoed his friend’s sentiments and recounted a particularly amusing suggestion from a fan: “I like it when people say we look alike or think we are related. He is my friend, and we have a lot in common, including our looks. One fan even told me to conduct a DNA test and show the results in public. That was funny and unnecessary. And I’m not going to do that to prove we are not related.”

Despite the ongoing speculation, the two actors emphasize their close friendship and shared interests. Sifiso noted, “Although we spend a lot of time together, we don’t take photos. We focus on enjoying our time together as friends.”

Their camaraderie off-screen is evident, and while fans may continue to see a familial resemblance, Simosibucayi Buthelezi and Sifiso Sibiya remain content with their strong friendship and professional bond.

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