SA celebrities that you probably do not know are in polygamous marriages

The practice of having multiple spouses at once is known as polygamy. Contrary to popular belief, polygamy is not just a practice among politicians. You’ll be surprised to learn that many well-known South African celebrities are in polygamous relationships, but they prefer to keep it a secret.

Many South Africans are unaware that these superstars are not and never have been polygamous.

1. Liteboho Molise

Liteboho, a character from the Muvhango soap opera, is better known by the name Tebogo. She didn’t know her marriage was polygamous until a lady came up to her and pretended to be her husband’s wife. The actress vehemently refuted this, insisting that the relationship belonged to her alone, but her husband went behind her back and claimed that they were actually wed.

2. Dj Euphonik

The popular South African DJ is married to two separate ladies. Few people were aware of the fact that he married at all, much less to two ladies at once, as Euphonik shields his brides from the public. The names of his wife are Kholeka Qiniso and Aurelia Nxumalo. Since Euphonik is one of the richest DJs in South Africa, it seems sense that his spouses live luxurious lives.

3. Ngizwe Mchunu

The South African broadcaster has three marriages under her belt. Sphelele Nxumalo and Lindi Khuzwayo, his first two marriages, were both divorced. However, as the two spouses had not registered their traditional marriages with the Department of Home Affairs, they were disregarded. Third by the DJ

4. Jacob Zuma

Despite the fact that many are aware of his polygamous relationship, few people are aware that Zuma was previously married to six women, divorced them all, and is now only committed to Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo and Bongekile.

5. King Monada

A polygamous musician from South Africa who is married to two women. He is engaged to two stunning women, yet a lot of people incorrectly think he is still single. Cynthia Leon and Lerato Ramawela are the second and youngest wives.

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