After the death of his first wife, Wiseman Mncube shows off his new wife and children🥰

Wiseman Mncube has promised himself that he will be the greatest parent he can be to his children since the death of his baby mama in 2018.

A few years ago, the Uzalo actor discussed the stress and challenges he faces as a single dad raising his children.

“I made a promise that I’d do everything in my power to raise them in a godly and responsible manner,” Wiseman said. I don’t want the kids to think they have a decent parent. I lavish them with affection and make it a point to spend my free time with them.”

After the death of his first wife, the actor marries another woman; she is now his wife, and she is supporting him. With his late wife they had a daughter named Lwandle. His new wife is reported to be a very private person. However, he shows her off on social media when he wants to.

Wiseman Mncube had his 33rd birthday on May 29, 2023, and announced his birthday on Instagram. His birthday was celebrated at his home with family and friends. Wiseman published photos of his real-life wife for the first time, thanking her for making his birthday special.

Wiseman Mncube also has two children with his current wife, who he adores. He has often shared photos with his kids. It looks like a son and a daughter.

Wiseman Mncube has starred in several hit series, including “eHostela” Season 1, “Generations,” “Gold Diggers,” “Ngozi,” “Mamello,” “Ring of Lies,” “Sokhulu & Partners,” “The Kingdom,” “Uzalo” Season 5 and 6, and of course, “The Wife” .

There is no available information about Wiseman Mncube’s parents on the internet save the fact that they have five kids, including him and his famous brothers. Wiseman has not said much about his parents.

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