Watch: Shauwn Mkhize’s Royal AM team bus taken away?

Royal AM Bus Towed, Sparking Social Media Frenzy

A video of the Royal AM bus being towed earlier this week has sent social media into a frenzy, thrusting popular South African businesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize, also known as MaMkhize, into the spotlight. The video, which has garnered thousands of comments and reactions since its release on X (formerly Twitter), has raised numerous questions and speculations among netizens.

Viral Video and Social Media Reactions

ZANewsFlash captioned the now-viral video, “Ewu, kwaze kwanzima nge bus lika MaMkhize,” which translates to “Oh, it’s tough for MaMkhize’s bus.” This post quickly sparked discussions, with many users linking the incident to MaMkhize’s ongoing issues with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Speculations and Reactions

One user speculated whether the bus was among the movable assets SARS was looking to seize, while others noted that the bus had been out of service for over a year. “I believe that this is the same bus that has been parked at a panel beating shop behind Supreme Motor Spares in Isipingo for more than a year,” commented one user. Another added, “Everything is falling apart. Voters have closed down all her tender taps. Now she’s on her own.”

SARS and MaMkhize’s Tax Woes

Reports indicate that SARS has been attempting to seize MaMkhize’s assets to recover a substantial R37 million debt in unpaid taxes. The breakdown and subsequent towing of the Royal AM bus have reignited these discussions, despite previous reports that suggested SARS had faced challenges accessing her properties in Sandton and Durban.

Legal and Financial Challenges

MaMkhize’s financial troubles with SARS have been ongoing. Last year, her debt reportedly ballooned from R12.7 million to R37 million due to a court order requiring Royal AM to pay former Kaizer Chiefs star Samir Nurkovic’s two-year contract in full. The High Court of South Africa directed the sheriff to “attach and remove the movable property of the Royal AM,” intensifying MaMkhize’s financial pressures.

Community Reactions and Impact

The video has highlighted the precarious state of MaMkhize’s financial situation, with the community and followers closely watching how the situation unfolds. The towing of the Royal AM bus is seen as a symbol of the broader challenges facing MaMkhize amid her legal battles and tax woes.

As the story develops, many are left contemplating the impact of these financial difficulties on MaMkhize’s business ventures and personal life, with hopes that clarity and resolution will emerge from the ongoing investigations and legal proceedings.

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