Vusi Kunene Leaves House of Zwide for Shaka Ilembe: A New Chapter in His Acting Career

Vusi Kunene Leaves House of Zwide for Shaka Ilembe: A New Chapter in His Acting Career

Award-winning actor Vusi Kunene, known for his iconic roles as Jack Mabaso in “Generations” and as Funani Zwide in “House of Zwide,” is set to take on a new challenge. Kunene will soon make his debut in Mzansi Magic’s highly anticipated drama series “Shaka Ilembe,” alongside Thembinkosi Mthembu, who portrays King Dingiswayo. The series premiere is scheduled for Sunday, August 6th, promising to bring a fresh and compelling narrative to the screen.

Transition from “Generations” to “House of Zwide”

Vusi Kunene’s departure from “Generations” marked the beginning of his journey in e.tv’s fashion drama “House of Zwide.” In this series, Kunene played the central character, Funani Zwide, a talented fashion designer. The show revolves around Funani’s tumultuous marriage to Faith Zwide (played by Winnie Ntshaba) and their shared ambition to build a fashion empire. “House of Zwide” quickly became a fan favorite, with viewers captivated by Kunene’s dynamic portrayal of Funani and the intricate storyline.

Excitement for “Shaka Ilembe”

Kunene’s new role in “Shaka Ilembe” is eagerly anticipated by his fans and the broader television audience. The drama series promises to be a thrilling historical saga, exploring the life and times of Shaka Zulu. Talented actor Lemogang Tsipa, who portrays the older Shaka Zulu, has expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming episodes, particularly the growth and development of his character. Rising star Ntando Zondi plays the younger King Shaka, adding depth and richness to the series.

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