WATCH: Viral sensation Skomota flying to the UK

Viral Sensation Skomota Flies to the UK for Birmingham Show

Skomota, the viral sensation, has captured headlines again as he jets off to the UK ahead of his performance in Birmingham. The entertainer, who rose to fame with his dynamic dance moves and engaging personality, is set to perform at a highly anticipated family show on 26 May 2024.

Excitement and Support from Fans

Videos of Skomota traveling in a private chartered plane have gone viral, attracting thousands of reactions and comments on social media. The excitement around his trip is palpable, with fans flooding the comments section with congratulations and well wishes.

MDN News tweeted:

“Skomota flying to England, UK private. He will be performing at a Family Show in Birmingham with Limpopo boy-bujwa. The event is on the 26 May 2024, and Skhothane sa Pitori did not make it to the trip as they left him behind.”

Skomota’s Rise to Fame

Skomota became a household name in 2023 after reportedly winning R3 million from Betways. His newfound fame allowed him to pursue his passion for entertainment, quickly becoming a beloved figure in the industry. He has headlined several shows and performed alongside top-tier artists like Makhadzi and DJ Tira. Notably, he stunned audiences with his surprise performance at the South African Music Awards, showcasing his signature dance moves.

Controversy Over Booking Fees and Management

Despite his success, Skomota’s journey has not been without controversy. There have been ongoing issues regarding his booking fees and management. While his management has not confirmed his booking fees, rumors have circulated that he makes around R545,000 monthly. However, a leaked WhatsApp chat earlier this year suggested that his booking fee is R90,000.

Earlier this year, Skomota publicly accused his manager of financial mismanagement. During a podcast interview, he alleged that his manager was defrauding him. His close friend and road manager, Skhothane sa Pitori, supported these claims, revealing that Skomota did not have a bank account and that all payments were being made to the manager’s account. Skhothane also disclosed that Skomota had earned over R1 million in bookings but had not received his fair share.


Efforts to Resolve Financial Disputes

The financial dispute led to a fallout, prompting a meeting between Skomota, his family, and his manager to resolve the issues. Amid the turmoil, Skomota canceled all his bookings until further notice.

MDN News reported:

“Skomota has cancelled all his bookings until further notice. They say they are requesting Moruti Wa Dikota to appear before a meeting with them, along with Skomota’s family, to resolve the issues regarding his money.”

As Skomota embarks on his European gig, his fans and supporters hope for a resolution to his financial disputes and look forward to his continued success in the entertainment industry.

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