‘Scandal’s Nhlamulo Dropped by the Show, Viewers Weigh In: “There’s No Storyline for Him Anymore”

‘Scandal’s Nhlamulo Dropped by the Show, Viewers Weigh In: “There’s No Storyline for Him Anymore”

It’s always sad to see a beloved actor depart from a TV show, especially one who has contributed so much to its success and kept viewers glued to their screens. The latest departure from Mzansi’s popular show, Scandal!, is causing quite a stir among fans.

Matthews Rantsoma Leaves Scandal!

Social media has been buzzing with the news that Matthews Rantsoma, who played the character Nhlamulo on Scandal!, is leaving the show. The Safta Award-winning actor’s exit has sparked a wave of reactions online, with fans expressing their disappointment and sadness.

No Storyline for Nhlamulo Anymore

Many viewers have weighed in on the decision, with some speculating that the reason behind Rantsoma’s departure is the lack of a storyline for his character. This sentiment has been echoed in numerous social media posts, where fans lament the end of Nhlamulo’s journey on the show.

Fans React

Here are some of the reactions from viewers on social media:

  • “It’s so sad to see Matthews Rantsoma leaving #etvScandal. He brought so much life to the character of Nhlamulo.”
  • “Nhlamulo’s storyline was one of my favorites. It’s a shame there’s no storyline for him anymore.”
  • “Another great actor leaving the show. Scandal! won’t be the same without Nhlamulo.”

A Legacy of Impact

Matthews Rantsoma’s portrayal of Nhlamulo has left a lasting impact on the show’s audience. His departure marks the end of an era for Scandal! fans who have followed his character’s development over the years. Despite the sadness surrounding his exit, viewers are grateful for the memorable moments and the depth he brought to the show.

As the news continues to circulate, fans are left to reflect on Nhlamulo’s journey and the contributions Matthews Rantsoma made to Scandal! during his time on the show.

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