Sophie Ndaba’s son Lwandle with his father Themba Ndaba. See list of all the men she has been married to here

Sophie Ndaba’s Son Lwandle Spends Time With Father Themba Ndaba for Father’s Day, Mzansi Gushes

Aspiring rapper Lwandle Ndaba spent some quality time with his father, Themba Ndaba, to celebrate Father’s Day, leaving Mzansi gushing over the heartfelt moments shared.

Father-Son Bonding

Lwandle Ndaba, who goes by his rap name Ocean L, took to Instagram to express his deep admiration and gratitude towards his father, Themba Ndaba. He posted a touching tribute, reflecting on the values and lessons his father imparted to him over the years.

“Thank you for believing in me, always making sure I think big and that nothing is impossible, and raising me into the humble, goal-driven, focused gentleman that I am today,” Lwandle wrote. He shared how his father introduced him to God by reading the Bible to him as bedtime stories, a practice that strengthened their spiritual bond.

Lwandle’s Interview with Briefly News

Speaking to Briefly News, Lwandle emphasized how his father’s work ethic and belief in his craft have been instrumental in his journey as an aspiring rapper. Themba Ndaba’s dedication to his profession has been a significant influence on Lwandle, inspiring him to incorporate the same level of dedication into his music career.

“My father is such a hard worker when it comes to his craft, his work ethic is out of this world, and that’s something I always wanna incorporate in my own craft in music,” Lwandle shared. He also revealed that Themba supported his music studies, which have been crucial in honing his songwriting and performance skills.

Lwandle is currently working on his first-ever project and looks forward to sharing it with his audience, drawing inspiration from his father’s unwavering support and guidance.

Public Reaction

Mzansi was deeply moved by Lwandle’s heartfelt message to his father. Fans and netizens took to social media to praise the young rapper for his touching tribute and to celebrate the strong bond between father and son.

  • @mthulisinyath: “The most beautiful message I have read on the internet today.”
  • @xsirenn_tyga: “Your dad looked pretty. Much like you when he was younger.”
  • @bawinile.malele: “Wow, Lwandle! You have a gift of penning the greatest tribute, too.”
  • @siphesihle.ntleki: “Ohhh your father and I worked so well together on The Queen. He’s nothing but a builder.”
  • @wela_brian: “Brutus endoda emadodeni…coolest dad you have.”

Themba Ndaba himself acknowledged his son’s message, replying, “Love you, boy. Love Dad,” which further endeared the duo to their followers.

Sophie Ndaba’s New Role

In related news, Sophie Ndaba, Lwandle’s mother, has recently landed a new acting gig on Showmax’s drama series 016FM. The former Generations star was headhunted for the role, marking another milestone in her illustrious career.

Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba is not giving up on love despite setbacks in her past marriages.

Sophie who was married three times to Themba Ndaba (1996-2007), Bishop Keith Harrington (2011-2013), and Max Lichaba (2017-2021) would like to get married again if she were to find the right partner.

During her divorce from Max, Sophie’s son Lwandle, also known as Ocean L, whom she shares with actor Themba Ndaba, released a hip-hop diss track titled My Step Dad Is A Devil, as a way to expose Max.

In the lyrics, Lwandle criticised his stepfather saying, “You all deserve to know the truth about this man. My stepfather is a devil, he takes, and he breaks.”

According to Fakaza News – an information hub, the actress revealed that her past failed marriages would not stop her from finding love again.

During the interview, she said, “I would definitely be getting married again if I meet the right person. Love is a beautiful thing, I love the feeling of being in love, I have been hurt in the past and that was a different phase of my life, I won’t let that experience change the way I feel about love.”

She posted this on Instagram with the caption, “Love, music to my ears.Happy new week filled with nothing but love Angels.Remember you are enough! You carry so much love darling, share some with yourself.”

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