Dr. Malinga in big trouble for recording Shebeshxt Onthatile Chuene’s Funeral

Dr. Malinga Faces Backlash for Recording at Onthatile Chuene’s Funeral

Dr. Malinga, a well-known South African musician, has recently come under heavy criticism for his actions during the funeral of Onthatile Chuene, the daughter of rapper Shebeshxt.

The eight-year-old’s funeral, a somber and emotional event, was marred by Dr. Malinga’s decision to record and vlog during the ceremony, which many netizens found highly inappropriate and disrespectful.

Dr. Malinga’s Controversial Behavior

Dr. Malinga was accused of trying to create content at Onthatile Chuene’s final resting place. A video shared by @MDNnewss on social media shows Dr. Malinga recording himself while the funeral was underway and even during a prayer session. This act has been perceived by many as insensitive and an attempt to gain clout during a tragic time.

Public Outrage

The reaction from the public has been overwhelmingly negative. Many people took to social media to express their disapproval of Dr. Malinga’s actions, labeling him as a clout chaser and criticizing him for his lack of respect and empathy. Comments from netizens reflect the widespread anger and disappointment:

  • @__ThapeloM expressed deep condolences to the family and criticized the modern trend of exposing everything on the internet, lamenting the loss of privacy and respect during such times.
  • @MalumeRichie commented on the pervasive presence of cameras in society and how it has impacted the way people behave, even in sensitive situations like funerals.
  • @ZimeBongwe called Dr. Malinga’s behavior “very weird and umdala” (old), implying that his actions were out of place and inappropriate for someone of his age.
  • @Ori_RSA and @Kearabile_ criticized the musician for his lack of morals and questioned the need to shoot content at a funeral.

Dr. Malinga’s Previous Struggles

Interestingly, this incident comes shortly after Dr. Malinga publicly shared his struggles and thanked those who helped him when he was in financial distress, including the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party. He had previously expressed gratitude for the support he received, which helped him save his home.

The Broader Issue

The backlash against Dr. Malinga highlights a broader issue of how social media and the desire for online content can sometimes overshadow basic human decency and respect for solemn occasions. The public’s reaction serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining dignity and sensitivity, especially during times of grief and mourning.

As the community continues to mourn the loss of Onthatile Chuene, the focus remains on providing support and condolences to her family, with many hoping that lessons in respect and empathy will be learned from this unfortunate incident.

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