Haibo, DJ Tira is the Real Father of Babes Wodumo’s Son ‘Spontshi Wodumo’?

Recent rumors have sent shockwaves through Mzansi, suggesting that DJ Tira might be the real father of Babes Wodumo’s son, Spontshi Wodumo. These allegations have surfaced amidst DJ Tira’s birthday celebrations, with social media buzzing with speculation.

Social Media Uproar

Babes Wodumo’s social media tribute to DJ Tira on his birthday sparked a frenzy of comments and theories from fans. Many users discredited Mampintsha, Babes Wodumo’s late husband, as the father, flooding her posts with comments like, “Now here’s Spontshi’s real father,” and demanding that DJ Tira pay child support.

Close Friend Reveals New Information

In a surprising twist, a close friend has come forward with shocking new information. The friend claims that Babes Wodumo has confided in her son, Spontshi, that DJ Tira might indeed be his father, not the late Mampintsha. This revelation has added more fuel to the already raging fire of speculation and gossip.

Babes Wodumo’s Response

Babes Wodumo, who has faced significant trolling in the past for various reasons, including her personal choices and career setbacks, decided to take a stand against these allegations. Frustrated by the continuous harassment, she responded vehemently:

“All the time y’all say Tira is my baby daddy, what about his wife (Gugu Khathi), what is she saying about this sh*t you talk about. You guys make me mad sometimes, honestly. If you do not know what you want to say, leave please.”

Despite her clear rebuttal, the trolling persisted. Babes Wodumo announced that she would be seeking legal action against those spreading falsehoods and harassing her online. She has since taken screenshots of the offensive comments and warned that lawyer letters would be sent out soon.

Targeting Trolls

One of the particularly nasty comments came from a woman named Miss Tshiamo Ntshudisane, who insulted Babes Wodumo’s appearance. Babes asked her followers to help identify the woman so her legal team could contact her:

“My legal team has been trying to contact Miss Tshiamo Ntshudisane who is in the image below, it is in regards to her statement below, omaziyo (whoever knows her) please assist us via inbox in getting in contact with her, kuyaphuthuma.. Ngiyabonga (it is urgent, thank you.)”

Legal Action

Fed up with the ongoing harassment, Babes Wodumo is determined to take legal action to silence her trolls. She has made it clear that she will no longer tolerate baseless rumors and defamatory comments about her personal life.

As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how effective her legal measures will be in curbing the relentless social media speculation and harassment.

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