Cassper Opens Up On Why He Has Lost Interest In Music

Cassper Nyovest Opens Up About Losing Interest in Music

The unexpected and untimely loss of AKA has deeply affected the South African Hip Hop community, dealing a significant blow to the morale of artists and fans alike.

AKA’s absence has left a void not only in the music scene but also in the dynamics of longstanding rivalries, including the notable one with Cassper Nyovest.

Fans’ Concerns About Cassper’s Interest in Music

Recently, Cassper Nyovest took to social media platform X to address concerns from his fans regarding his waning interest in music. One of his followers suggested that Cassper’s diminished enthusiasm for making music might be linked to AKA’s passing. The fan expressed, “Cass, not to offend you or anything, I know you and AKA were never best friends, but I somehow feel you lost interest in making music since his passing, like part of you left with him?”

Cassper’s Response and Reflection

Cassper responded to this sentiment by clarifying that AKA’s passing was not the reason for his lack of interest in music. Instead, he revealed a deeper, more personal reason behind his hiatus. Cassper acknowledged that he had begun to idolize the music industry, placing it above everything else in his life, including his faith. This realization prompted him to take a step back to regroup, recharge, and reconnect with his true self.

“I lost interest in music cause I realized that I had made it an idol. I had put it over everything including God. Had to go rebuild, recharge, and reintroduce myself to myself as God sees me. Ima be back SOON!! Bangers on the way!!!” Cassper shared with his followers.

Cassper’s Recent Activities

Following the release of his album “Solomon,” Cassper went on tour with fellow South African artist Nasty C. Despite the success of the tour, Cassper has not released any new solo music since then. He did, however, feature on Nomfundo Moh’s track “Umusa” earlier this year, which was well-received by fans. Nevertheless, his followers are eagerly anticipating a new solo release from him.

Looking Forward

Cassper Nyovest’s candid reflection on his relationship with music and his need for a break to recharge has resonated with many of his fans. His promise to return with new music has sparked excitement and anticipation. As he prepares to make a comeback, fans are hopeful that Cassper’s renewed perspective will bring forth fresh and inspired music.


The South African music industry, still reeling from the loss of AKA, is keenly watching Cassper Nyovest’s next steps. His journey of self-renewal and his commitment to balancing his passion for music with his personal beliefs offer a profound message of resilience and introspection. Fans can look forward to Cassper’s return to the music scene, eagerly awaiting the bangers he has promised.

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