Gugu Gumede & Baby Cele reportedly exit Uzalo

It seems as though the Uzalo TV series is in chaos. Despite the recent addition of new characters to the game, a few well-known actors are reportedly still there.

The actors Gugu Gumede, who portrays MaMlambo, and Baby Cele, who portrays Gabisile, also leave.Gugu Kowo Zalo’s contract was reportedly not going to be renewed, but he was fortunate enough to land a role in the upcoming TV series Destiny.

The show recently introduced new actors who will start appearing in the new season, which started on Friday.Solezwe claims that Baby stopped playing the game last year because he was unhappy about a variety of issues.

“When the news of Wiseman Mncube’s departure came out, he also expressed that he wanted to leave and told the players that his time in this game is coming to an end. He put some things that he was not happy about. In the end he has chosen to completely walk away from it. At the moment, it is possible that they will release the last episodes with these this month,” he explained.

According to Solezwe , there are actors in the series that are unhappy about a lot of things, which makes things tough. This may be the reason why it’s simpler for them to go.Things have changed since the game’s start and that the actors’ troubles stem from issues with their salaries.Ezoic

Just last year, there were problems related to salaries; some actors even stayed and did not come to shoot because their money did not come in. It’s not as exciting as before to be in this show, even though it is the most watched in the country,” explained the source.

Yvonne Siphuka, who is in charge of advertising at Zalo , revealed that they are currently waiting for an announcement from the SABC, confirming or denying the departure of the two.

“Thank you for your patience, but the questions that affect the departure of these two, at the moment we can not say anything that affects the questions of leaving and continuing to stay in this game. We will leave it to be answered by the SABC, we guarantee that if we get the answers we will give them to you,” explained Yvonne.

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