What Bishop Makamu did to his wife can never be forgotten. Wife in Tears after after this Happened to her. See

Bishop Makamu’s Scandal Still Lingers: Wife Hloniphile Heartbroken Two Years After Cheating Revelations

Two years have passed, but the fallout from Bishop Israel Makamu’s infidelity continues to cast a shadow over his marriage.

In the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, the church leader faced public scrutiny after a voice recording surfaced, revealing his inappropriate request for a sexual favor from a young girl. Subsequent reports suggested attempts to hush up the scandal with alleged financial offers and, more recently, a church service centered on forgiveness and healing.

The controversy dates back to 2018 when a 17-year-old girl shared the disturbing details of the incident involving the leader of Endless Hope Bible Church and his wife, Hloniphile. The revelation included allegations that Bishop Makamu and his wife attempted to bribe the victim when she reported the matter to her parents, a claim she openly discussed on the YouTube Channel, Solomon’s Temple.

Despite the passage of time, Bishop Makamu’s recent public apology during a church service aimed at forgiveness did little to sway public opinion. Airing on his online channel, MakamuTV, the bishop embraced his wife as they prayed over the lingering issue, but not all South Africans were impressed with the public display.

The charismatic leader, who has been suspended from his role on Moja Love’s Rea Tsotella, delivered a sermon on forgiveness, sin, facing criticism for mistakes, battling the devil, and relying on God to defend the weak.

During the service, the first lady, Hloniphile, stood up, visibly moved, cheering her husband on as he preached. However, the wounds of the past seemed far from healed, as the bishop acknowledged his wrongdoing and pleaded for forgiveness.

“With all humility, I am repeating what I said three years ago, I have done you wrong, find it in your heart to forgive me,” he said, prompting his wife to join him on stage, shedding tears as they embraced.

Despite the public display of unity, the incident from two years ago continues to haunt the couple, leaving Hloniphile visibly heartbroken. As the scandal lingers, the church leader faces ongoing challenges in rebuilding tr

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