etvScandal Lindiwe (Mama’s) says she won’t be acting anymore. See what she’ll be doing

Nomvelo Makhanya, renowned for her portrayal of Lindiwe Ngema on e.tv’s Scandal!, has hinted at a departure from the small screen, signaling a shift towards new endeavors and aspirations.

Following her poignant exit from Scandal!, where her character’s death and funeral stirred emotions among viewers, Nomvelo Makhanya has expressed a desire to explore avenues beyond acting. Despite her undeniable talent and success in the industry, the actress has set her sights on broader horizons.

During an Instagram Q&A session, Nomvelo revealed that she currently has no plans to return to acting in the near future. IndAfrica reported that while she may consider brief television appearances down the line, her focus lies elsewhere, with a preference for roles that allow her more flexibility and freedom to pursue diverse interests.

Amid speculation surrounding her departure from Scandal!, rumors swirled suggesting that Nomvelo’s exit was prompted by her romantic relationship. Allegedly faced with an ultimatum from her partner to choose between her career and their relationship, Nomvelo reportedly prioritized her personal life over her professional pursuits.

The decision to part ways with Scandal! after a decade-long tenure marks a significant turning point in Nomvelo’s career trajectory. While details regarding her departure remain speculative, it’s clear that Nomvelo is driven by a desire to embrace new opportunities and prioritize personal fulfillment.

Although she has yet to address the rumors surrounding her exit, Nomvelo’s focus appears to be on nurturing her relationship and exploring alternative creative outlets. With music cited as a potential avenue for expression, fans can anticipate a fresh chapter in Nomvelo Makhanya’s journey, one marked by innovation and growth beyond the confines of soap opera stardom.

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