Yooh its very ugIy’! Mzansi shocked to see the gift that Big Zulu gave the Qwabe Twins, see here

“Mzansi Shocked by Big Zulu’s Gift to the Qwabe Twins”

Big Zulu, a renowned South African rapper, recently garnered attention for his heartfelt gesture towards the Qwabe Twins, Viggy and Virginia. The rapper, known for his generous spirit, gifted the twins a pair of Carvela sneakers each.

Details of the Gesture

Big Zulu shared the experience on social media, expressing his gratitude and joy in spending time with the Qwabe Twins. He captioned the video, “Ngiyabonga kakhulu bo Wele the Qwabe Twins bekumnandi ukuba nani,” which translates to “Thank you very much, Qwabe Twins, it was great to be with you.”

Despite his kind gesture, public reaction was mixed. Some observers believed that the twins did not genuinely appreciate the sneakers, interpreting their initial laughter as a sign of disapproval. The perception that the twins found the sneakers “ugly” led to a wave of comments and discussions on social media.

Big Zulu’s Success and Popularity

Big Zulu’s recent achievements include the viral success of his song “Imali Eningi,” which became extremely popular nationwide and is a strong contender for the Song of the Year on Ukhozi FM. The song gained significant traction through the Duduzane challenge, amassing over 4 million views on YouTube in less than a month. Big Zulu expressed his gratitude to his fans, known as Nkabi Nation, for their overwhelming support.

Impact on South African Hip Hop

Big Zulu’s influence extends beyond his music. His efforts have been pivotal in revitalizing South African hip hop, as demonstrated by the success of “Imali Eningi” and the Ama Million remix. Both tracks achieved impressive milestones on digital platforms, including topping the Apple Music and Spotify charts. The #DuduzaneChallenge and #ImaliEningiChallenge significantly boosted the song’s popularity, helping it achieve Gold status within three weeks of its release.

Big Zulu’s Message to Fans

In his thank you message, Big Zulu acknowledged the collective effort that contributed to his success, emphasizing the role of his fans in breaking records and setting new benchmarks in the industry. His gratitude extended to the entire country for their support and participation in the viral challenges that propelled his music to the top.


Big Zulu’s gesture to the Qwabe Twins, despite mixed reactions, showcases his generous nature and connection with fellow artists. His continued success and influence in the South African music scene highlight his dedication and the strong support from his fans. As Big Zulu continues to break records and set new standards, his impact on the industry remains significant.

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