Here are 5 times where Makhadzi spoke broken English. Mzansi now thinks she should now stick to speaking Venda. See what she said here

“Makhadzi’s Endearing Social Media Slip-Ups: 5 Times the South African Singer Posted in Broken English”

Johannesburg, May 21, 2024 — South African music sensation Makhadzi is not only known for her electrifying performances and hit songs but also for her candid and often humorous social media posts. While her talent in the music industry is indisputable, her English language skills sometimes fall short, much to the amusement and endearment of her fans. Here are five memorable instances where Makhadzi’s posts in broken English brought smiles to her followers:

1. Celebrating Success with a Twist
In a heartfelt post celebrating her new album’s success, Makhadzi wrote, “Thank you my fans for support me, this album is go platinum because of you.” The grammatical errors did not go unnoticed, but fans praised her genuine gratitude and excitement.

2. A Message to Haters
Makhadzi once addressed her critics in a feisty post: “Those who say I can’t make it, look me now, I am big and I will keep growing up.” While her message was clear, the phrasing provided a bit of comic relief for her followers, who applauded her determination.

3. Sharing Personal Milestones
Announcing a personal achievement, Makhadzi posted, “Today I buy my first house, dream come true. Hard work is the key, never give up on your dream.” Despite the imperfect English, the post garnered thousands of likes and congratulatory comments.

4. Promoting a New Single
In a promotional effort for her latest single, she wrote, “My new song is out now, go and listen it, you will not disappoint.” Fans were quick to point out the grammatical hiccup, but they also rushed to support her new release.

5. Expressing Love for Fans
Makhadzi’s love for her fans is undeniable. In a touching post, she expressed, “You are the best fans in the world, without you I am nothing, I love you all.” The broken English did not detract from the warmth of her message, endearing her even more to her followers.

Makhadzi’s occasional struggles with English do not overshadow her talent or her connection with fans. Instead, these moments have endeared her to many, showing that she is human and relatable. Her fans appreciate her authenticity and continue to support her unconditionally, proving that sometimes, the message is more important than the medium.

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