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eTV Scandal Actor Matthews Rantsoma Dropped from Cast

‘Nhlamulo’ Actor Matthews Rantsoma Set to Exit eTV’s Scandal!

Fans of eTV’s enduring soap opera sensation, “Scandal!,” are in for a shock as news breaks that Matthews Rantsoma, the actor behind the beloved character Nhlamulo, is bidding farewell to the series.

Entertainment guru Phil Mphela dropped the bombshell on his verified X (formerly Twitter) account, sending ripples of disbelief and sorrow through the show’s devoted fan base.

While the specifics surrounding Rantsoma’s departure remain shrouded in mystery, Mphela hinted at a parting of ways between the actor and the show after a three-year tenure.

“Matthews Rantsoma dropped by Scandal. The actor, who joined the eTV soapie in 2021, will be leaving the show. Rantsoma plays Nhlamulo on the show,” Mphela shared, stirring a whirlwind of emotions among fans.

News of Rantsoma’s exit emerges merely 17 months after Nomvelo Makhanya, who portrayed Nhlamulo’s on-screen wife Lindwe Ngema Maseko, bid adieu to “Scandal!” in November 2022.

Upon the revelation of Matthews Rantsoma’s impending departure, a wave of sorrow and speculation swept through Mzansi. Fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts and sentiments on the unexpected turn of events.

Some lamented the potential loss of Nhlamulo’s character dynamics, while others pondered the impact his exit might have on the storyline. Amidst the outpouring of emotions, hopes remain high for Rantsoma’s future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Here are snippets of the reactions flooding social media:

@majiesthulisiwe: Awu that’s so sad, I really enjoyed watching him as Nhlamulo. Hopefully, we will see him again on a different show.

@PamelaQha: Phill when you say “dropped” it almost sounds like those instant firings from back in the Generations days where an actor’s storyline would end in an abrupt way that you can see even they were not aware of, Unless if that’s the case here also.

@SeaksMjr: I have been saying for weeks gore his character has become dormant.

@Maaxie_Max: Lol mos if he leaves then all the characters that came along with him won’t make sense.

@KoalaneMotaung: I’m not surprised tuuu lately his doesn’t have storyline. He is a good actor, hopefully, we’ll see him soon.

As the shock settles and the reality of Rantsoma’s departure sinks in, fans brace themselves for the inevitable changes his absence will bring to the world of “Scandal!” while eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the actor’s career.

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