Could money or Lindiwe the reason Mathews Rantsoma is leaving Scandal! after three years?

Here’s Why You Won’t See Mathews Rantsoma on e.tv’s ‘Scandal!’ Anymore

Mathews Rantsoma, a beloved actor on e.tv’s “Scandal!”, will be making his last appearance on the show in July. The actor, known for his portrayal of Nhlamulo Maseko since 2021, has decided to move on to pursue other opportunities.

Contrary to speculation, e.tv has confirmed that Mathews was not forced off the show. The decision to leave was entirely his. “Mathews approached us to advise that he would like to pursue other ventures. The production and the channel support his decision and have agreed to release him. He will exit the story at end-July. We wish him all success in his future plans,” e.tv said in a statement.

Throughout his time on “Scandal!”, Mathews has captivated viewers with his compelling performances. Speaking previously to TshisaLIVE, Mathews revealed that his on-screen character has led to some misconceptions about his real-life personality. “It has created an image that says I’m a romantic in a way, and I’m not really romantic. I think the life of the character has taken over my image, in a way, with the perception of what my life is,” he explained.

Mathews also shared insights into how his long-time girlfriend copes with his intimate scenes on the show. “It’s been tricky because I have to remind her it’s just a scene and it never went far. You have to reassure that it’s a professional relationship. The basis of everything is communication and having to speak about it helps,” he said.

With a strong background in theatre, Mathews acknowledged that being part of “Scandal!” has significantly contributed to his growth as an actor. “It’s been interesting. It’s been an amazing journey.

The most difficult scenes are always the intimate ones because we have to have a conversation about whether we are OK with me going so far. It has to be a conversation so we don’t overstep in the name of playing a role. My difficulty has been playing intimate scenes throughout my career; they need special attention,” he reflected.

Nhlamulo from Scandal’s Salary

As a rising star on the screens of million viewers, most people might be wondering how much does Nhlamulo earns every month! That’s good question to have mostly about someone who inspires you. The answer is, Nhlamulo is earning R25k to R35k every month on Scandal. As a person with a great talent, this is expected to increase just like it happens to every great actor. His current net worth is USD $200k.

As Mathews Rantsoma prepares to bid farewell to “Scandal!”, fans are eager to see where his career will take him next. His departure marks the end of an era for the show, but also the beginning of new ventures for a talented actor ready to explore broader horizons.

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