Who is Shebeshxt? Age, Real Name, Birthday, Net Worth, Tattoos, New Album & Songs

Who is Shebeshxt ? Age, Real Name, Birthday, Net Worth, Tattoos, New Album & Songs.

Shebeshxt Amapiano Real Age & Name, Birthday, Net Worth, New Car, New Tattoo, Arrest News, New bolo house or lekompo Songs & Album:

Shebeshit is a South African Bolo House Music artist, who has been in the spotlight for quite sometime. Fans have been eager to know more about the South African artiste and we are here to share as many details as possible.

As expected, we have a handful of information one may want to know about the South African. Some of the information which will be expected to be found include but not limited to; Shebeshit Amapiano Songs & Albums, how old is Shebeshxt’s Real name and age, his birthday, net worth of 2023, videos, girlfriend, relationship status, new tattoos, why he was arrested.


Shebeshit has a stage name known more than his biological name. Thanks to our team, we have been able to get the real name of the rapper.

The real name of Shebesxt is Lehlogonolo Chauke. And he is currently active on not just TikTok, but also on YouTube, Facebook, and other major online platforms and social media.


Unlike many other artists, the real age of Shebeshxt has not been confirmed. Though he is active on various social platforms, he has not revealed his real age, neither do we even know the day he celebrates his birthdays, both his birthday and his birth month.

However, from some reports and investigations carried out by our team, the singer is currently 28 years old as of 2023.

Despite these investigations which the artist has neither confirmed or denied, if his age is to be estimated from his pictures shared via his social accounts, one will say that the South African Lekompo or Bolo House artist maybe 24 years old.

So, for fans asking about Shebeshxt birthday or how old is shebeshxt, this information has not been confirmed for sure, just assumptions. But be sure to check back as we will update with a page with the correct information when available.


It is not surprising that many artists, not limited to South Africa love to draw tattoos on their skin. This maybe boosts their looks and makes them fit into the industry.

Shebeshit is not exempted, as he drew lots of tattoos on his body. For anyone who wants to imagine how Shebeshxt may look with tats without really knowing or seeing the image of Shebeshxt, imagine Lil Wayne but without dreads. From his face, shoulder, chest, back, etc. Shebeshxt indeed loves tattoos.

Recent Picture Of Shebeshxt With Extra Tats
Recent Picture Of Shebeshxt With Extra Tats
Earlier Picture Of Shebeshxt With Few Tattoo


Shebeshxt is an upcoming South African Bolo house rapper who concentrates on the Lekompo or bolo house music genre.

He is from South Africa, but the village where he was raised is not known. For sure, we are certain he was born and raised in South Africa, but her parents, and siblings are not known as of the time of sharing this information.

Shebeshit is mostly known for his amapiano music, a music genre that has its popularity increased in 2012 across the African continent, especially South Africa and Nigeria.

Last year, Beatport which is one of the biggest streaming services in the world added the music genre to its platform with dedicated artists, charts, and playlists.

Shebeshxt identifies as an Amapiano singer, and also loves to share videos and performances on his social media platforms. It is not certain if the artist is registered with any music label as he rather chooses to promote his released music through his social handles and other online platforms.


Due to his increasing popularity, it s easier to check on the activities of the amapiano singer and socialite.

In the end of 2022, reports had it that Shebeshxt got arrested, and the news of his arrest began to trend in South Africa. Then, people were worried as to what he did wrong, and why he was arrested? We gathered much information about the sage, please keep reading.

There was a video clip which was shared by a YouTuber and it was named “Shebeshxt got arrested”. It was one of the earliest video seen when the news of the arrest went viral. We somehow suspect that the YouTuber got the video from the person who recorded the visual first-hand, or was even the one who recorded it.

In the video, two Police officers were seen handcuffing a man wearing no shirt or top but wearing just olive green pants with white sneakers.

The recorder seemed to be in a moving car and when one of the officers realized that the one of the persons driving was recording he shouted at them, but the words were inaudible. The account user uploaded the video file and claimed that the identity of the person in the clip was Shebeshxt.

After the incidence, there was no official reports that points that the singer was actually arrested. Neither did the South African Police release any official statement confirming that the celebrity was arrested.

Furthermore, we can’t confirm if the man being arrested was really Shebeshit, as the video clip was not clear enough and the face was quite unclear.

While the video was still trending, some people on social media reported that the singer got arrested for being in possession of unregistered firearms and drugs popularly known as Todii. Also, some others where stating that the singer and entertainer was not arrested and not guilty.


The real net worth or official worth of Shebeshit has not been revealed. Despite being so popular and appearing on the social platforms for sometime, there has been no clue or evidence from which we can decide the official net worth of the artist.

However, from his music career, songs, social followings and engagements, and other endorsements, it becomes easier to rate how much an estimated worth of Shebeshxt.

From our team’s investigations and assessment, Shebeshxt’s net worth should range from 200,000$ to $500,000 in 2023.


Earlier this year in 2023, the South African amapiano singer Shebeshxt came through via TikTok and other social platforms to announce that he has purchased a new car for himself. The video of the vehicle confirms that it is a Ford Mustang.


Sadly, we do not know if the South African  artist is currently dating or not. We are not certain if he is also married or with kids.

When we have sufficient information and facts about the girlfriend, wife, family or child of Shebeshxt, we will update this page.


  • Shebeshxt – Nkao Dira
  • Shebeshxt – Retlo Popa
  • Shebeshxt, Naqua SA ft Pobla On The Beat – Ake Boye
  • Shebeshxt – Ake Boye ft. Naqua SA x Phobla
  • Shebeshxt – Bare Ke Shebe
  • Shebeshxt & Shandesh – Security
  • Shebeshxt – Moatxaka Wae Tobetsa ft King Salama & Naqua SA
  • Shebeshxt x Star Notic Shxt
  • Shebeshxt – Wa Nnyaka ft. Naqua SA & Pobla On The Beat

Shebeshit Featured On The Following LEKOMPO Songs

  • Naqua SA – ‎Cinderella ft. Shebeshxt, Phobla On the Beat, Mckay Johnson, Prince Zulu & Dj Tiano
  • Naqua SA – Shebe Monateng ft. Shebeshxt, Justin Juss tii & Strike SA
  • Naqua SA ‎- Bjala ft. Shebeshxt, Phobla On the Beat, Mckay Johnson, Buddy Sax, Prince Zulu & Dj Tiano
  • Naqua SA ‎- Changura ft. Shebeshxt, Maqsoul, Justin Juss Tii, Mckay Johnson & Reff SA
  • Naqua SA – ‎Weekend ft. Shebeshxt, Finch SA, Mckay Johnson, Reff SA & Dj Tiano


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