Zodwa Wabantu’s ‘Goodies’ Break the Internet

Zodwa Wabantu’s ‘Goodies’ Break the Internet

Where there is controversial South African performer Zodwa Wabantu, there is never a dull moment! The famous exotic dancer has done it again, breaking the internet with her latest performance.

This time it’s not just Zodwa trending, but also her explicit photos. The 38-year-old from Soweto is known for her provocative dance moves, but her recent stage performance photos are now circulating widely on social media.

The photos show Zodwa Libram performing on stage, adorned in sangoma beads, a black bra, and a G-string, much to the excitement of her audience. One photo even captures a man with his head between her thighs.

Public Reaction

As expected, reactions to her performance are mixed. While some praised her boldness and entertainment value, others criticized her explicit display.

Zodwa defended her performance, stating, “Whatever I’m doing on stage is my way of putting food on the table. When I’m on stage, I make sure that I deliver. I live my life the way I want it. It’s fine with me as long as it adds something to my bank balance.”

She added that the attention she garners on social media proves she’s doing her job well. “I get bookings left, right, and centre. This proves that I’m doing something good, and when I’m entertaining, people are talking. Dogs only bark at a moving car. My body is my source of income. Everyone must understand that.”

Ancestors’ Blessings

Zodwa also addressed criticism from other sangomas regarding her attire and performances. “We have different ancestors. My ancestors understand my job. They’re the ones who bring me money. If they didn’t like what I was doing, they wouldn’t allow me to continue with my job. They allow me to use my body for a living. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.”

Event Details

Zodwa’s latest performance took place at The Grand Cafe in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, on Saturday, 8 June. The cafe’s manager, Nkululeko Dlamini, confirmed they booked her for a surprise performance. He remarked, “She did what we paid her for, to entertain especially men. And she gave a very good performance. Everything went well.”

Zodwa’s unapologetic approach and controversial performances continue to stir public interest and debate, reinforcing her status as a prominent and provocative figure in the South African entertainment industry.

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