Former Generations actress Tshidi was beaten by her wife & her ribs & eyes were broken. See what happened here

Former Generations: The Legacy Actress, Letoya Makhene-Pulumo, Escorted by Police Amid Alleged Altercation

Former Generations: The Legacy actress, Letoya Makhene-Pulumo, made headlines after being escorted by two police vans to retrieve her belongings from her partner’s family home in Mohlakeng. This incident followed an alleged altercation with her partner, Lebogang Pulumo-Makhene, which left Letoya with severe injuries, forcing her to cut her signature dreadlocks.

The altercation was reported to be so violent that it prompted Letoya to consider filing for divorce with the support of her relatives. She even instructed her lawyer to open a criminal case against Lebogang.

In the wake of the fight, Lebogang informed Letoya that she would resign from her companies and withdraw from a music concert she was organizing in Pretoria.

Relatives of the couple, who disapprove of the domestic violence in their relationship, disclosed these explosive details. According to an unnamed relative, Letoya revealed that she had suffered a violent assault from Lebogang, resulting in injuries beneath her eyes and a punctured lung at the beginning of the previous month.

Following the altercation, Letoya sought refuge in the house of an associate in Springs, on the East Rand, due to the severity of her injuries. Her relatives even had to use heavy makeup to conceal her injuries when she attended a television show premiere in Johannesburg.

The relative explained that Letoya requested their assistance in finding a lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings, and they organized and paid for a lawyer to take her statement. At first, Letoya wanted the lawyer to assist her in pressing criminal charges against Lebogang, and he agreed. However, she later reconciled with Lebogang, which angered her family.

In response to these allegations, both Letoya and Lebogang denied being involved in any altercation that would have led to police involvement. They suggested that a family member might have been responsible for the police visit.

A police officer, who remained anonymous, confirmed that they visited Lebogang’s home to retrieve Letoya’s belongings.

Letoya stated, “I am not aware of any incident like that,” and added that she had initiates at her home, which is considered sacred and peaceful. She pointed out that her sisters bear a striking resemblance to her and could have been mistaken for her.

Lebogang stated that they were still happy in their marriage and invited anyone interested to visit and see for themselves.

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