Dr Musa holding a doll on father’s day

‘Pregnancy Isn’t a Group Project’: Dr Musa Speaks Out

Photos of Dr. Musa Mthombeni’s recent graduation have sparked a flurry of social media activity, but not all of it has been positive. Many observers couldn’t help but comment on his wife, Liesl Laurie, and her apparent weight gain, leading to rampant speculation about a possible pregnancy.

Liesl, however, has firmly denied these rumors and expressed her frustration with the invasive comments. Now, her husband, Dr. Musa, has also addressed the issue, urging people to respect their privacy.

Liesl Laurie Blasts Pregnancy Comments Again

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni, former Miss South Africa and wife of Dr. Musa, has once again found herself addressing unsolicited comments about her appearance. Photos from Dr. Musa’s graduation led to renewed speculation that Liesl might be expecting. This isn’t the first time Liesl has had to confront such rumors, and she took to social media to firmly ask people to stop making assumptions about her body.

“Leave my womb alone. Leave other women’s wombs alone,” Liesl began in a lengthy clip addressing the issue. “Whether I am or not (let’s be clear, I am not) I just feel like you guys want to be seen,” she continued.

A Culture of Invasive Curiosity

Liesl expressed her frustration with the persistent culture of wanting to be first to announce personal news. “This culture of wanting to be seen or wanting to be first, you guys need to stop it. When women are ready to tell you whether or not they want to procreate, whether or not they are pregnant, or whether or not they will be expecting, they will do so within their time.”

“You guys are honestly and truly starting to piss me off… I am really really tired of this happening on my posts and other women’s posts,” Liesl added, making it clear that such comments are not only intrusive but also deeply upsetting.

Dr. Musa Adds His Voice

Despite Liesl’s clear message, speculation continued, prompting Dr. Musa to also weigh in on the matter. Taking to the comment section on social media, he echoed his wife’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of respecting their privacy.

“Pregnancy isn’t a group project, leave our womb alone,” Dr. Musa wrote, underscoring that decisions and developments regarding their family are personal and not for public speculation.

Trending on Father’s Day

Today, on Father’s Day, a picture of Dr. Musa holding a doll as if it were a baby has gone viral on social media. People are making jokes and teasing him, suggesting that he should pursue getting his wife pregnant and hold a real baby instead. This viral moment has added fuel to the ongoing discussion about the couple’s personal life.

Respecting Personal Boundaries

The couple’s united front highlights a broader issue of respecting personal boundaries and understanding that public figures are entitled to privacy, especially concerning sensitive topics like pregnancy. Their message is a reminder that personal matters should remain personal until those involved choose to share them.

In a world where social media often blurs the lines between public and private life, Dr. Musa and Liesl’s stance is a call for more respectful and considerate interactions online.

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