Late singer Zahara’s sisters also selling her awards

Zahara’s Sisters Selling Her Awards and Belongings

The sisters of the late Afro-pop sensation Zahara, born Bulelwa Mkutukana, have taken a drastic step in the wake of her passing. Lumka Mkutukana and Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana have reportedly resolved to sell Zahara’s belongings, including her prestigious awards, after the singer lost her Roodepoort house.

Selling Zahara’s Awards and Belongings

Zahara’s tragic death on December 11, 2023, in a Johannesburg hospital, after spending nearly three weeks in the ICU, left her family with the burden of her estate. She was laid to rest on December 23 in East London. The singer’s sisters are now selling her belongings to raise funds.

According to reports from ZiMoja, Zahara’s items up for sale include her bedroom suite, lounge suite, kitchen supplies, flat-screen TV, and double-door fridge. More controversially, her multi-platinum-selling awards are also being offered for sale. Despite Zahara’s numerous accolades, which span over 40 awards in her 11-year career, the awards inscribed with her name have yet to attract buyers.

Efforts to Save Zahara’s Home

The decision to sell these items follows the auctioning of Zahara’s townhouse in Roodepoort last year. Although the new owner allowed some time for the family to repurchase the house, Zahara passed away before any arrangements could be made. In an effort to save the home, her family planned a benefit concert, which ultimately failed due to logistical challenges.

Postponed Benefit Concert

Initially scheduled for earlier this year, the benefit concert aimed to raise funds to reclaim Zahara’s home. However, Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana confirmed to TshisaLIVE that the event had been postponed indefinitely due to issues securing a venue and funding.

“It’s not going to happen now. We can’t get to the community hall, and there have been so many challenges. Zahara fought for her house while she was still alive; throughout her career, that’s what she managed to hold on to. Also, to us, that was like home, that’s why we wanted to keep it because it’s got so many memories for us with her in it. It’s part of her legacy; we do not really want to lose it,” Bandezwa explained.

Planned Concert Details

The concert was initially set to be held at the Orient Theatre in East London, booked by Bandezwa but not yet paid for. The event was to be hosted by former Scandal! actress Lusanda Mbane and feature artists like Khanyisa Sabuka, Butho Vuthela, Ivory Sikepe, Nathi Mankayi, and Zahara’s best friend, Vusi Nova.


The selling of Zahara’s personal items and awards highlights the financial and emotional struggles her family faces in the wake of her death. Despite their efforts to honor her legacy and retain her home, challenges persist, leaving Zahara’s sisters to make difficult decisions about her belongings.

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