Longer video of sasko driver and co workers who were robbed and killed yesterday cape town finally leaked

Dashcam Footage of Sasko Delivery Truck Robbery in Delft Leaks Online

Dashcam footage of the recent Sasko delivery truck robbery in Delft has surfaced on social media, showing the terrifying moments that led to the tragic deaths of three employees in a brazen daytime attack.

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The footage reveals the harrowing moments experienced by the Sasko delivery workers, who were ambushed by armed gunmen on Thursday morning. The video, which quickly went viral, shows the robbers intercepting the truck at the corners of Symphony Way and Temprol in Suburban, Delft.

The Robbery

The attack occurred around 08:00, while the workers were conducting their usual rounds in a white Isuzu bread truck marked with the Sasko logo. Despite the employees’ compliance with the robbers’ demands, the gunmen ruthlessly killed two of the workers before fleeing with cellphones and an undisclosed amount of cash.


Immediate Aftermath

Within minutes of the shooting, videos of the active crime scene began circulating on WhatsApp crime groups, highlighting the brutal nature of the crime and the dire security situation in the area.

Connection to Extortion Gangs

Sources indicate that the robbery is linked to extortion gangs operating in Delft. These gangs have been targeting vulnerable delivery vehicles, such as Sasko bread trucks, which typically do not have any security escort during deliveries.

Police Investigation

Police spokesperson Sergeant Bilqis Poole confirmed that Delft detectives are investigating two counts of murder. “Delft police responded to a complaint of a shooting and upon arrival on the scene, they found the victims with gunshot wounds to their bodies in the vehicle they were driving,” Poole stated. Medical personnel declared both victims deceased at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing, with authorities working to determine the exact motive behind the shooting. However, no arrests have been made yet, and the community remains on edge as the search for the perpetrators continues.


The leaked dashcam footage of the Sasko delivery truck robbery has cast a stark light on the escalating violence in Delft, underscoring the urgent need for increased security measures for delivery workers in the area. As the investigation progresses, the community and the victims’ families await justice for the senseless loss of life in this brutal crime.

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