Mangwabe divorce rumours with husband Musa Mseleku is true, see why here

The Uthando Nesthembu rollercoaster is back for another season, and boy, did it start with a bang! This show has been a magnet for drama and entertainment, and season six didn’t disappoint. It’s like a juicy telenovela, but real life!

So, picture this: the season opener had all the wives voicing their opinions on the head honcho, Musa Mseleku, wanting to add yet another wife to his collection. Most of the wives were like, “Yeah, sure, why not?” But hold onto your seats because MaNgwabe, the youngest wife, dropped a bombshell. She straight-up said, “If he marries ‘number five,’ I’m outta here!”

Cue the dramatic music! The episode takes us on a ride where Musa sits down with his first wife, MaCele. She’s not thrilled about this whole “number five” situation and wants to chat about it. But Musa, he ain’t having it. He declares he won’t be controlled and reminds MaCele of his past heartbreak when he lost a wife he loved. Tough stuff, right?

MaCele’s like, “Let’s have another meeting,” to talk about this “number five” drama and the pain it’s causing. Drama, drama, drama!

Before this meeting, MaNgwabe has a heart-to-heart with her mom. She’s thinking of divorce! Her mom’s like, “Whoa, girl, I’ve been there in a polygamous marriage, but I won’t tell you what to do.” She ends with some wise words: “If love ain’t keeping you warm, no need to stay in the fire.”

Oh, and MaKhumalo, another wife, chats with her dad. Unlike MaNgwabe’s convo, this one’s all chill. Dad’s cool with Musa’s fifth wife plan as long as his daughter is happy. MaKhumalo’s like, “Yeah, sure, as long as I’m comfy and secure, I’m cool with it.”

Finally, the episode peaks with a family meeting. And guess what? No one knows what the heck to do! Drama levels are off the charts, and we’re left hanging, wondering where this wild ride will take us next. Stay tuned!

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are now available

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17: Apple’s Latest Updates

Apple’s eagerly anticipated iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are now available for download, bringing a slew of exciting new features and improvements to your iPhone and iPad.

Revamped Phone Call Experience

In iOS 17, Apple has introduced some noteworthy enhancements to phone calls. The new Contact Posters feature allows you to select a photo or Memoji along with a font to fill your screen when making a call. Additionally, Live Voicemail offers real-time message transcripts as callers leave messages, providing a more seamless communication experience.

Even the end call button has found a new home. Furthermore, the Messages app sees improvements, including easier access to iMessage apps and an upgraded autocorrect function aimed at reducing typos.

StandBy: A Standout Feature

One standout feature in iOS 17 is StandBy. When your iPhone is charging and in landscape mode, the screen can display a variety of useful information, including a large clock, widgets, and your favorite photos. Renowned tech journalist David Pierce hails it as his “favorite new iPhone feature in years.”

In-Depth Look at iOS 17

For a more detailed look at iOS 17, check out Allison Johnson’s comprehensive preview of the beta version. However, it’s essential to note that iOS 17 is not compatible with iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Enhanced Lock Screen in iPadOS 17

In iPadOS 17, one of the most noticeable changes is the ability to personalize your lock screen, similar to what Apple introduced in iOS 16. This update introduces interactive widgets, a feature also available in iOS 17. Additionally, Stage Manager receives much-needed improvements, enhancing your overall iPad experience.

tvOS 17: A Quietly Significant Update

Apple has also released tvOS 17, and according to Chris Welch, this update signifies a significant year for the Apple TV and tvOS. While the article doesn’t delve into the details, it suggests that Apple TV users have exciting changes to look forward to.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic updates; download iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 today to experience the latest innovations from Apple.

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