🙌🏾You won’t believe what Mamkhize commented after Phindile Gwala posted a picture showing off her legs.

Even South African businesswoman Mamkhize couldn’t contain her laughter at Phindile’s witty remark. Clearly, many found Phindile’s comment quite amusing. In her caption, she humorously advised people not to forget to eat and to straighten their bowed legs, adding a lighthearted touch to her post.

Phindile Gwala, renowned for her role as Noni in Muvhango, is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s finest actresses, as evidenced by her remarkable performances. Recently, she shared a picture on social media that drew a slew of compliments, with many praising her stunning appearance. However, it was her humorous caption that had some people in stitches.

Top 5 Best DevOps Service Providers in 2024

DevOps, which stands for Development and Operations, is a set of practices that aim to automate and integrate the processes of software development and IT operations.

The key purpose of DevOps is to break down silos between development and operations teams, fostering collaboration and communication, and to use automation to improve the efficiency and speed of software delivery.

This approach helps organizations deliver software and applications more quickly, reliably, and consistently.

Here are the five best DevOps helpers in 2024:

  1. ClickIT
  • Overview: ClickIT is an IT and software outsourcing company with over ten years of experience. It offers DevOps and software development solutions for organizations of all sizes.
  • Services: ClickIT provides DevOps services that focus on automation, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), serverless architecture, Infrastructure as Code, microservice architecture, and more. They also offer DevOps financial services and consulting.
  1. IT Svit
  • Overview: IT Svit has over 17 years of expertise and provides DevOps as a service. The company is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and has successfully delivered 852 projects.
  • Services: IT Svit offers DevOps transformation, Software as a Service (SaaS) development, DevOps consulting, and more. They assist in adopting the DevOps culture and offer guidance throughout the software development lifecycle.
  1. OpenXcell
  • Overview: OpenXcell has over 12 years of experience and specializes in providing DevOps services. The company focuses on transforming digital experiences into cost-effective and innovative technical solutions.
  • Services: OpenXcell covers various aspects of the software development lifecycle, including planning and assessment, CI/CD pipeline setup, DevSecOps, and security integration. They aim to reduce development time and improve software quality.
  1. N-iX
  • Overview: N-iX has over 20 years of experience and offers DevOps services to streamline software delivery and deployment. The company is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold certified partner, and Google Cloud Platform Partner.
  • Services: N-iX provides services such as automated provisioning, CI/CD pipeline setup, system scalability, performance monitoring, error detection and resolution, and cloud migrations.
  1. Quema
  • Overview: Quema is a DevOps specialist based in Europe with over a decade of experience. The company focuses on creating strong and secure IT systems for successful application launches.
  • Services: Quema offers a range of DevOps services, including Infrastructure as Code (IaC), continuous integration, continuous monitoring and alerting, automation, integration, and cloud consulting. They aim to improve the efficiency and reliability of software development processes.

These DevOps helpers can assist organizations in adopting DevOps practices, automating workflows, and improving the speed and quality of software delivery. Depending on the specific needs of an organization, one of these providers may be a suitable partner for implementing DevOps practices effectively.

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