Meet Woman who hasn’t eaten or drank anything in 16 years

Muluwork Alemu, a woman from Ethiopia, has garnered attention for an extraordinary claim: she hasn’t consumed any food or water for the past 16 years. Speaking to a UK-based YouTuber, Muluwork shared that she lost her appetite during her primary school years and hasn’t eaten anything since.

Despite her lack of food intake, Muluwork leads a seemingly normal life in Addis Ababa, Jimma. She mentioned visiting a doctor in Dubai who found no physical issues with her stomach but raised questions about her mental health.

Remarkably, Muluwork, who is 26 years old, still engages in farming activities. However, when her crops are ready for harvest, she allows her mother or sister to reap and enjoy the produce, while she abstains from consuming any of it.

Muluwork’s case has sparked curiosity and intrigue, prompting discussions about the human body’s capacity to sustain itself without traditional forms of nourishment. While her situation may seem unusual, it serves as a reminder of the complexity and diversity of human experiences.

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