Jub Jub Clarifies Involvement in Shebeshxt’s Accident. wATCH VIDEO BELOW:

Jub Jub Clarifies Involvement in Shebeshxt’s Accident

In a recent video posted on social media, South African musician and television host Jub Jub, born Molemo Maarohanye, has addressed the public regarding a series of scams perpetrated in his name. The artist expressed his astonishment at trending online for reasons unrelated to his current activities or past incidents.

Jub Jub, who has previously faced legal issues following a car accident that resulted in the loss of a child’s life, made it clear that he has no connection to the recent accident involving fellow musician Shebeshxt. “I have got nothing to do with Shebeshxt’s accident, and I have never met him,” Jub Jub stated emphatically in the video.

The musician’s address comes at a time when fraudulent activities on social media are on the rise, with scammers exploiting public figures’ identities to solicit money from unsuspecting fans. Jub Jub urged his followers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities linked to his name.

The video has garnered significant attention, with fans and social media users expressing their support for Jub Jub’s stance against online fraud. The incident has also reignited conversations about the impact of false information and the responsibilities of celebrities in guiding public discourse.


Jub Jub’s management team has announced that they are working closely with authorities to track down the individuals behind these scams. They have also encouraged anyone who has fallen victim to these fraudulent schemes to come forward and assist in the investigation.

As for Shebeshxt’s accident, which similarly involved the death of a child, Jub Jub’s statement has been welcomed by many as a respectful acknowledgment of another family’s grief while clarifying his own position.

The entertainment industry and its followers continue to watch closely as both stories develop. With Jub Jub’s proactive approach to addressing these issues, there is hope that awareness will be raised about the dangers of online scams and the importance of accurate information.

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