‘Older than she looks’: Nomvelo Makhanya’s age shocks SA

Nomvelo Makhanya’s recent birthday celebration on social media has led to a surprising revelation about her age. Despite managing to keep her private life relatively secret, fans were able to piece together her age based on her birthday post.

Makhanya shared a photo on Instagram marking her birthday with a “+1” caption, which sparked speculation and comments from fans and celebrities alike. Notably, actress and influencer Jessica Nkosi and Jozi FM presenter Penny Ntuli sent their birthday wishes, adding to the buzz around Makhanya’s age.

Despite her youthful appearance, Makhanya’s birthdate of April 24, 1996, reveals that she is actually 28 years old. This revelation surprised many fans who had assumed she was younger due to her looks.

Makhanya’s career has been illustrious, starting from her teenage years. She gained recognition for her performances in theater productions before transitioning to television. Her role as Lindiwe Ngema in the drama series Scandal propelled her to stardom, although she exited the show in 2022 amidst reports of a toxic work environment.

Makhanya’s openness about her struggles with the toxic environment at Scandal has garnered sympathy and support from fans. Her decision to leave the show was a result of prayer and a desire to escape the negativity, highlighting the importance of mental health and well-being in the entertainment industry.

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